Police Confirm Missing Iowa Girls' Bodies Have Been Found & More Horrifying Details Are Coming

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Missing Iowa girlsThe worst has happened. The search for missing Iowa girls Lyric Cook-Morrissey, 11, and Elizabeth Collins, 9, has officially ended in tragedy. At a press conference this afternoon, police confirmed the bodies found by hunters in the Seven Bridges Wildlife Area are indeed those of the cousins who disappeared in July.

Technically, it will take the actual medical examiner's report to give the Cook, Morrissey, and Collins families a positive ID and give police in Evansdale, Iowa a cause of death. But the sure note in the voice of Black Hawk County sheriff's Capt. Rick Abben during this afternoon's announcement left no doubt. These are the girls.

Lyric and Elizabeth are gone.

When asked how he could be so certain, Abben could only say that there are no other children missing in the Evansdale area, and the two bodies found were small in stature -- strong evidence but not exactly a slam dunk. And yet, I have a feeling the announcement was made as much for the family's sakes as anything. 

Lyric's and Elizabeth's parents can't be kept hanging on, wondering any longer. They need closure, as much as they can get, anyway, with the result of the autopsy yet to come, with the horror of what happened to their children soon to come out. They need to be given the chance to transition from anxious waiting to coming to terms with pure grief.

It is, of course, the worst outcome. We all hoped that they were being kept somewhere, alive, and that they would be found. It may have been naive, but miracles have happened. Look at Jaycee Dugard, at Elizabeth Smart. I'm sure the girls' parents have more than once over the months since their daughters went out on a bike ride and never came back. Just last month, they wrote a letter to the anonymous person they thought might have abducted their girls, a letter of sympathy that showed they were still holding out hope.

Crushing their dream is hard, but Lyric's and Elizabeth's families are going to have to find strength for another, equally hard road ahead.

The reward of $150,000 for providing information that leads to the arrest of the person responsible for Lyric's and Elizabeth's deaths is still on the table. And while Abben said the girls' disappearance is still being treated as an abduction, he admitted it will likely now be turned into a homicide investigation. Soon these parents will find out how their daughters died, maybe one day why, what kind of monster would do this to two innocent young children.

My heart goes out to families of the missing girls. What they heard today wasn't something anyone wants to hear. But this is only the beginning of the pain for these families.

What would you like to say to these families today?


Image via Black Hawk County Sheriff's Department 

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nonmember avatar amber

its not confirmed yet.

divam... divamomtjcj

All the search teams and they didnt find them there?

Teri_25 Teri_25

Actually, one of the girl's mother's came forward and posted on Facebook that it is indeed the two girls, and the cop specifically said "based upon the evidence we found" that this was indeed them, and were just waiting for the MEs to positively identify. There was some kind of evidence found that made them sure it was the two girls, my guess would be clothing or personal items. Regardless, these families are now in the process of grieving and should be left alone to do as such. And divamom, I don't think this area was searched specifically because #1, they disappeared during summer when the brush is thicker, and you'd be more able to hide a body, and #2 it was in a different county, 25 miles from where they disappeared.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Divamom, the bodies were found in the next county, approximately 20 miles north of where the girls were last seen. The investigation seemed to have been kept close to Evansdale (where the girls lived) because it was believed that someone close to one of the families was the abductor.

Katie Hesney Johnson

These poor girls. Makes me want to never let my baby girl out of my sight. 

Jennifer Starr

My husband brought up a good point while we were watching the press conference yesterday, it is possible the girls weren't there the whole time, also, it being in the next county over, they could have been missed. He said the area in which they were found was thick with trees and brush. My heart aches for the family of these two girls. Such a terrible tragedy. I also feel for the hunters who discovered them. People talk alot about closure but how can any mother or father have closure when their babies are taken from them so abruptly and permanently. I cried when I saw the news and hug my children a little tighter.

Rochelle Allgire

And my 10 year old daughter gets mad that I won't let her walk home from the bus stop. Oh well! I guess part of being a parent is dealing with them being mad when you are doing what ever you can to protect them! I know the odds of the bodies being the girls are very high, but I will hold out hope for the family that it's not them. They need to hold onto that hope as long as possible!!!

Pamela Haley Bruns

Rest in peace little angels. The only comforting thought for their family is that they are with God now and not being abused or tortured or in any kind of pain any longer. My heart and tears go out to this family. No parent should have to endure this kind of suffering. I hope they catch whoever did this to them so they can never hurt another child.

nonmember avatar Bonny

That is so sad I would make the officers track down who took the girls and they better pray that I don't get to them first before they do no parents shouldn't have to go threw this R.I.P girls you well be missed and loved by so many people and wish you guys didn't have to go out like that

nonmember avatar Debbie Patterso

My heart goes out to the families.A Mother never gets over the lose of a child.This Monster that has done this ,his name 'DEVIL'

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