Christmas Crime Wave Threatens to Ruin the Holiday Season

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Christmas is supposed to be a season of peace, hope, and joy -- not time for a crime wave. Unfortunately, there are some people out there that apparently can’t keep their sticky fingers to themselves.

As more people order their gifts online and have them delivered to their homes, some thieves have taken to following delivery trucks, then plucking packages right off the front porch. In Stoneham, Massachusetts, three women have been trolling the streets for packages, but they are hardly alone in their endeavors.

The stooping crimes are hardly the worst of the bad of what’s happening out there. How about stealing toys from underprivileged children?

Thousands of dollars in Christmas presents and gift cards that had been collected throughout the year were stolen from St. Anne’s Parish outside of Boston. The gifts were intended for the Giving Tree, which supplies gifts to hundreds of poor children. The saddest part of the story? The church’s Volunteer Coordinator Elaine LeBlanc said that they would have gladly given the thieves anything they needed, so long as they asked. “I feel very bad for them, that they think they have to scavenge for whatever their problem is,” she said.

Not even puppies are off-limits in Houston. That’s right. Someone stole puppies.

Being robbed is not a good feeling -- I've experienced it before, and it makes a sick pit in your stomach. It’s such a violation and betrayal of good faith for our fellow human beings. Thankfully, I've never experienced being robbed at gunpoint, which I imagine is terrifying.

In South Carolina, three men burst into a home where a family was merrily putting up Christmas decorations and robbed them at gunpoint. The police report says that the parents and children were separated before the thieves ransacked their house and stole one of their vehicles. Thankfully, everyone was ok and the suspects were apprehended, but the family has to be pretty shaken.

Police recommend requiring a signature when you have something delivered, or asking a neighbor to grab the packages if you’re not home. Additionally, many delivery companies like FedEx now have options to deliver to your nearest retailer or shipping facility.

It’s sad that these losers are putting a damper or even ruining other people’s Christmases. It’s the time of year when people especially love to spread good cheer and charity -- there’s no reason to be a scrooge.

What do you think is driving this desperation?


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nonmember avatar Rachel

I've never understood the upsurge in crime that comes with Christmas. There are people beating each other and killing each other over sales, stealing, etc. Why!? Christmas isn't about gifts! And I highly doubt anyone's family wants gifts that came at a cost to someone else's well-being.

lulou lulou

I think its just easier.

Now that said, Home Alone 2 is my kids favorite.  Home Alone 1 is a close 2nd.  3 3rd.  Now the 4th was horrible and painful - the kid was still named Kevin McAllister and the same criminal, but the family all different.  Made no sense.  Home Alone 5 was bad, but not as bad as 4.

DebaLa DebaLa

My mother had her christmas gift shopping for us in the trunk of her car where it was all stolen, in the parking lot. She was determined to "give us a christmas," and REPURCHASED EVERYTHING even tho we were young adults. She only told us later. I'll never forget that. Moral of the story: the holidays are not about the gifts, it was about the spirit of giving and not letting cruel strangers spoil it for 3 children's mother.

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