Child Rapist's Last Words Before Execution Make It Really Hard to Oppose the Death Penalty

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Excuse me but did the convicted inmate recently executed for the rape and murder of two 13-year-old Arizona girls, Richard Dale Stokey, say what I think he said before meeting his maker recently for the 1991 crime? Perhaps I'm reading too much into the ramblings of a crazy person who's thankfully gone from this Earth anyway, but one of his last statements before they gave him the death shot was particularly baffling and inappropriate. Oh and this was after he refused to outright apologize to the families for the crimes. He said: "I do wish that I could die doing something meaningful, you know, this seems like such a waste." Yeah, ya think?

Maybe it's because he refused to apologize outright for helping to lure 13-year-olds Mandy Meyers and Mary Snyder away from an Arizona campsite to a ghost town, where he raped and killed them. Or maybe it's because he's making these last minutes alive all about him and not about the two innocent lives he viciously snuffed out.

So he wants to die doing something meaningful. Like doing what? Rescuing children from a burning building? Defending our country on the front lines? How about simply saying you're sorry and mean it -- it's a mere trifle at this point, but it's something,

I'll tell you what's a waste, it's that we kept this guy alive for so long on the taxpayers' dollars only to have him leave it like this. All the families of Mandy and Mary could have hoped for at this point, as they watched their children's killer prepare to die, was a little bit of closure, a true-felt apology, a meager gesture that would do very little to wipe away volumes of pain and loss, but a gesture nonetheless.

Instead the families only got something just shy of an apology. He said he made "grave and irreversible errors," and that he was sorry he "was mixed up in these awful events that brought me to this."

He should have just kept his mouth shut and said nothing. If I was one of the girls' mothers, hearing this would have made it even worse. Those girls' lives were something valuable, something way more valuable than his, and ending them so prematurely was the real "waste" here. Tales of people like this make it really, really hard to oppose the death penalty.

Do you think people like Stokey deserve to die?


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Nolanzo Nolanzo

Death row needs an express lane.

Sarah UsedtobeZech Cone

Absofuckinlutley they deserve to die;as slowly and painfully as possible.Though I'd settle for a quick hanging or bullets to the genitals then face....

AdryF AdryF

yep I agree with Nolanzo

zombi... zombiemommy916

No one can deny that the world is better off without scum like this...I whole-heartedly agree with the death only issue with it, is they don't utilize it enough...fortunately, I live in the good ol' Commonwealth of Virginia...I was standing in my front yard cheering, when the convoy carrying the DC Sniper drove past my house on their way to his execution...GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

keriley1 keriley1

So what does he think, the 2 girls deaths weren't a waste? It was no big deal for them to die??? What a moron!

nonmember avatar Dassa

Definitely agree that we need the death penalty, especially for scumbags like him B|

tuffy... tuffymama

I wish he could be killed twice. Bastard.

Scorp... ScorpioDee

Even if he said what they wanted to hear it probably wouldn't have been sincere.

So with that said...don't kill them with the poison that makes the whole body unusable, kill them different, so their bodyparts/organs can save lives. And yes, create an express lane... these inmates cost way too much waiting for their 'date'.

Kristyn Carter Phipps

There are those who believe in second chances and mercy...I just have a hard time with it. in my opinion, he DID do something meaningful - he stopped breathing.

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