Woman Breastfeeds Monkeys & Totally Freaks Us Out

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monkeyLike most moms, I'm a big believer in the benefits of breastfeeding. But a woman in Nanyan, China has taken it to a strange extreme. Jiao Xinzhen regularly breastfeeds monkeys. That's right. She nurses primates

"I feel like they are just like my children," she told The Sun. I am sure I am not alone here when I say this is deeply disturbing. But wait, the tale gets even more bizarre.

Their home is a veritable planet of the apes. Her husband, Huang Aiqing, trains monkeys to perform in films and for circuses, and his pupils live with the couple. "In this house, the monkeys are king," said Aiqing. Clearly. Jiao even admits, "Many times some of the baby monkeys slip onto our bed at night to suck my breasts." They have even adopted one as a second child as a playmate for their son -- a human boy.

Jiao believes that nurturing and nourishing the monkeys actually helps her husband's business. Perhaps it has. According to The Sun, he is the region's top monkey trainer. Still, this is totally gross. Of course she is not the first woman to breastfeed an animal. Mom-of-two Terri Graham gave her pug the breast because she did not nurse her own children and felt the desperate need to bond.

Regardless of the motive, this is not normal. Animal are not people. There is no reason a monkey, dog, or donkey should need to suckle at a woman's breast. It takes the human-pet relationship to a disturbing new level. I don't think there is a law against this behavior but perhaps there should be. Yuck!

Do you think it's okay for humans to breastfeed animals?

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nonmember avatar shelly

No!!! Holy crap on a cracker...

fave82 fave82

The way this world is going, in 50 years this will be totally acceptable.

xreds... xredstarsx

I honestly see nothing wrong with another species getting human milk, but from the breast is taking it too far. We drink other species milk, which is odd when you think of it but we don't go sucking an udder.

BeccaLS BeccaLS

If it was a chimp or something, it would be less weird (to me) since they share 98% of our DNA. But monkeys are so different that I would be worried about them getting the nutrients they need to grow.

Also, I personally am kind of weirded out by breast feeding in general (no need to freak out, it's just my opinion) so I do find it pretty gross that she's breast feeding monkeys. My question is, where are the monkeys' mothers? Why aren't they being fed by their own species?

Torra... TorranceMom

Where are the monkey mothers?

nonmember avatar HS

If breastfeeding a 5 year old is acceptable, then so is this...

lalab... lalaboosh

So, because something grosses you out it should be illegal? I thought laws were supposed to protect humans and animals from harm..

Scorp... ScorpioDee

"as a playmate for their son -- a human boy" <<<< really? Not an alien??? And if she likes it, who the hell am I to judge? She doesn't bother me. I think it's time people start looking at their own stuff and not worry so much about others.

jalaz77 jalaz77

How about donating her milk to actual children who need it? Yes this is weird...

Michelle Owens

Once again, some closed-minded snit has to force their opinion on everyone else...I love the question at the end...apparently the twit (like so many others) forgot one thing...HUMANS ARE ANIMALS. So it's cute if a dog nurses kittens, or if a pig nurses baby tigers, or anything else, but it's disgusting if a human nurses another species? I don't breastfeed at all (unable to), I just think people need to open their minds and close their mouths (or computers) more often.

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