Man Allegedly Shoots Girlfriend Because She Doesn't Believe in Zombies

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Here's a tip, everybody: If you're watching The Walking Dead with your boyfriend and he's insistent that a zombie apocalypse could actually happen -- just go on 'head and let him believe it. That, at least, is the advice one woman should have taken when she got into a heated debate with her Walking Idiot boyfriend about the possibility of a real zombie takeover. The man, Jared Gurman, is accused of shooting his girlfriend following a heated debate over whether zombies could really walk the Earth. He was on the side of, Yeah, dead people can walk. She was on the side of, You're a loon. This is one argument that didn't end well.

After their zombie debate, Gurman's girlfriend, Jessica Gelderman, decided not to spend the night as his place. But they continued their asinine argument via text message.

Then Jessica made the almost-fatal mistake of going to her BF's place in the wee hours of the morning to check on him (and possibly to make her point -- AGAIN). It was there that Gurman met her at the door with a rifle and shot her. Said a cop:

He felt very adamant there could be a military mishap that would result in some sort of virus being released that could cause terrible things to happen. She felt it was ridiculous. He’s passionate about it. And it escalated from there.

Perhaps Jessica's first clue that her BF was off the rails about zombies could have been his Facebook page. Reportedly, his "favorite quote" is: "When there’s no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth. The living won’t have a prayer cause it’s the dawn of the dead."

That's one helluva red flag waving in the wind, right there. Though I guess Gurman could be forgiven for being so insistent considering all of the media lately about "zombies." But, ya know, no excuse for shooting your girlfriend.

Luckily, Jessica was not killed and is recovering in a local hospital. And, hopefully, she gets a new boyfriend. One who likes walks on the beach, laughing, and doesn't believe in zombies.

Do you think a zombie apocalypse is possible?


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SaphireH SaphireH

Absolutely not and its a ridiculous idea that it could but i let people believe what they want

nonmember avatar MF

that's a quote from the murderdolls' song "Dawn of the Dead"

Todd Vrancic

There are some subjects that are so off the wall that if someone is wishing to argue about it the only answer should be a "Yeah, whatever" as you are walking out the door.

CPN322 CPN322


Danielle Rhodes-Curtright

While I think if you're so passionate about the possibility of something being real - let's take God for example - that you have to shoot someone, you've got issues. I believe in the possibility of zombies, dragons, unicorns, God, what have you. You may think I'm nuts; but I'm perfectly fine with that. Am I going to shoot you for not believing? Not gonna waste my time.

Sarah Annabelle Cowart

I think that with how advanced science is becoming it could be possible for scientists to possibly, and I say possibly only not a definite, create a virus or biochemical weapon which could reanimate dead tissue. However, that being said, it is unlikely, and people who are so insistent on it being a fact when it isn't are certifiable. This man obviously has mental issues that have nothing to do with zombies.

nonmember avatar jenna perry

Wow what a way to win an argument

Morgan Cormier

Idk man. Call me a loon but those Resident Evil movies have me all extra cautious. Biological warfare doesn't sound too far away from what Assad is trying to do. Accept instead of reanimating flesh, he has the weapons to airborne chemicals capable of decaying flesh. I'm sure their isn't something far too different in some lab somewhere. Who knows. But i'd believe the government has the capability to brainwash us into doing whatever they please. Seriously. Look up the show Curiosity and find the one about Brainwashing. You have to see it to believe it.

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