5 Unintended Ways Obamacare Is Backfiring on America

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and the road to crappy socialized health care is paved with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. What was touted as the answer to provide all Americans with adequate health insurance failed to acknowledge that somebody has to pay for it.

With that in mind, here are five unintended consequences of President Obama’s health care law.

1. Donations to charity by wealthy philanthropists will decline. America may still be the most charitable nation in the world, but it’s about to become less so. According to Section 1402 of the PPACA, a new 3.8% tax on “high-income” earners will be enacted on January 1, 2013. This will be applied to all income earned, regardless of whether or not they donate some of it to charity. The more someone has to pay the government, the less they have to give to the poor.

2. Employee hours will likely be cut. The new health care law requires businesses with more than 50 employees to provide insurance to their full-time workers, who are defined as those working at least 30 hours a week. Say hello to the 29-hour workweek.

3. Eating out is about to get more expensive. Cheesecake Factory CEO David Overton told CBS on Monday that "[Obamacare] will be very costly ... I believe most people will have to do that [raise prices] or cheapen their product." The CEOs of Papa John’s Pizza and Denny’s have also stated that they will have to pass along the increased cost to the consumers. They’re not being selfish, they’re just trying to stay open.

4. If you like your doctor, you may not be able to keep your doctor. I got notice in the mail a few weeks ago that the medical group I've been a part of for a decade no longer accepts my insurance. “New regulations in the health care industry” were cited as the reason why.

5. Health care will be rationed. It’s simple math. We have a plan that adds more people to a system with fewer doctors, and then we don’t let the doctors charge what their services are worth. Fewer care providers for more people with less money equals rationing. Breast cancer patients didn't really need those drugs anyway.

Takeaway reminder: Health care is neither a right nor a privilege. It is a service that someone will have to pay for. And it looks like that someone is going to be you.

Have you started to see any of these kinds of pitfalls due to Obamacare?

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miche... micheledo

As someone who is low income and will benefit greatly from Obamacare, I am against it.  I would much rather rely on charities to cover our medical expenses if/when needed.

On the other hand, I am so thankful for all I am learning about treating things naturally rather then going to the doctor for everything.  Over the last several years we have visited our doctor less and less and chosen to treat more at home.  It has saved us money (as we struggle to pay out of pocket) and now will save us from dealing with Obamacare. 

lulou lulou

One unintended consequence of this blog is that now I will be healthier for not eating at Cheesecake Factory,   Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

wamom223 wamom223

Micheledo I agree.  I have plantar's facitias and teated it myself with things I had access to and the problem is now gone.  Thankfully I didn't spend thousands of dollars trying to fix the problem like people on the support group web site did.  Part of the problem is educating ourselves to know when you need to go to the doctor and when you can cover it on your own. 

We were one of the American families with private insurance we purchased on our own.  When the rates went to $600 a month we couldn't afford it and now the rates are up to $800 a month and it covers so much less.  Funny how they call it the affordable care act when it made every one's rates go up. 

LoveM... LoveMyViolet

I'm already paying for healthcare. In fact, people without insurance are the reason hospitals charge $75 for aspirin. Someone has got to cover the cost of people without insurance. You're a fool if you think you are not coving that cost now.

wamom223 wamom223

LoveMyViolet I take it from your post that you don't know about the doctor shortage we are about to have and don't understand it will get worse.  Better to pay $75 for an aspirin than to have them rationed out and have to tell people no.  This problem could have been fixed by opening up the market and giving incentives rather than forcing business to pay for your free abortions and birth control.  Would we still have to pay for someone else's medical?  Yes, but it wouldn't bankrupt the company.    What you and Lulou don't understand is soon you will pay for this everywhere.  It wont just be three business;s passing the expense to their customers it will be everyone.  I want you to remember what I wrote today in three years when you can't get in to see your doctor and I want you to know that you did to yourself with your vote.

Nunya... NunyaBizness

LOL wrong.  This article is a bunch of malarkey!! These CEOs ARE being selfish.  The owner of Papa John's lives in a multimillion dollar castle with an actual drawbridge.  I have seen pictures.  These business owners are not "trying to stay open," they are unwilling to decrease their yearly accumulation of vast personal wealth, and they are taking their anger toward President Obama out on their employees and customers.  Healthcare is absolutely a human right, and A. employers should absolutely have to pay for it AND B.  employers should have to pay their employees a LIVING wage ($20 an hour instead of $7.50) so that employees can actually afford to pay for food and housing themselves.  Look at the business model for Costco, a huge, successful, multimillion dollar corporation.  CEO chooses to only make $500,000 per year (a salary I am sure he is able to live very comfortably on as this is 10 times what my husband makes) and his employees all have health insurance and a living wage, and the customers still pay good prices.  It can and should be done because it is the right thing to do.

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

We pay $800/month in health insurance and I heard its supposed to go up %23 come march. Not sure we can afford that. Might have to cancel and I'm scared to not have health insurance.

Nunya... NunyaBizness

Wamom it did NOT make EVERYONE's rates go up.  The Affordable Care Act may not be good for the bottom line of the high ups in a big business, but that is too bad.  It is extremely helpful for the majority of Americans who don't make asinine amounts of money.  I know you think the world revolves around you, but thankfully, everyone else is not just like you.  You are so friggin condescending.  I am sure in 3 years Luvmyviolet will remember nothing about you, because for her things will be exactly the same or even better.  And even if they aren't she still won't remember you because you are not as important as you seem to think!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar srivera

If people got paid a living wage of $20.00 that means inflation is way up. And we would still be in the same situation.

lulou lulou

We pay for it already, with ER visits for those who are unisured, malpractice, fraud, and clinics charging excessive fees and for non-necessary services.  Not to mention insurance companies who are churning large profits.   That said, the focus should be on making health care more efficient - not enough high-paid docs, who cares!   Invest in small clinics in retail centers with qualified nps, preventive care, healthy lifestyles (maybe they could cut those portions at Cheesecake Factory) and  individualized medicine,

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