NFL Player Kills Girlfriend & Commits Suicide Leaving 3-Month-Old Daughter an Orphan

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jovan belcherYesterday afternoon Jovan Belcher, 25, a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs killed his 22-year-old girlfriend Kasandra Perkins after shooting her multiple times. Belcher then drove to the Kansas City Chiefs football facility, put a gun to his head, and shot himself in front of the team's general manager and coach -- after thanking them for giving him a chance in the NFL.

It's always sad, confusing, horrifying, and senseless when something like this happens and all we have are more questions than answers, but there's an even bigger tragedy here:

Belcher and Perkins had a baby daughter together in September. That 3-month-old girl is now an orphan.

The baby is in the care of Belcher's mother, who is said to have witnessed the shooting of Perkins and called 911. Fortunately, the baby -- Zoey Michelle Belcher -- was in another room during the shooting. But what will happen to her next?

Of course she has has a loving family who will all likely clamor to care for her. After all, she's all that both Belcher's mom and Perkin's mother have left of their own children. But what will her legacy be? Her dad shot and killed her mom -- and then himself. Zoey will grow up having so many questions. And it's unlikely that anyone can ever  give her an answer that could ever truly satisfy.

Ironically, Belcher had joined Male Athletes Against Violence. As part of the organization, he had to sign a pledge promising to "look honestly at my actions in regards to violence and make changes, if necessary," and as a college student at the University of Maine, he majored in child development and family relations.

Today, and in upcoming days, as we all try to make sense of this terrible tragedy, Jovan Belcher will get most of the press, he's the famous one, the football player, the trigger man. And while he was no doubt in some kind of agony, let us remember the mothers and daughters at the heart of this tragedy: Kasandra Perkins, her baby daughter Zoey, Becky Gonzalez (Perkins' mom), and Cheryl Shepherd (Belcher's mom).

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kelti... kelticmom

This breaks my heart. Hopefully that precious baby girl is set for life financially if nothing else that her obviously deranged father provided for her.

MamaD... MamaDee83

Holy crap, obviously this guy had some issues... It's sad that he didn't get help and maybe prevented this.

Samfan97 Samfan97

As a Chiefs fan, this breaks my heart. I'm praying for everyone involved, especially that sweet baby girl.

Reepi... Reepicheep.CSL

Poor sweet little girl. I hope that she is surrounded by family who loves her.

Karla C. Mulrenan

Wow... What a nightmare. Why would he do such a thing????

jalaz77 jalaz77

Poor mom and poor baby girl. He has hurt a ton of people!

Jorie21 Jorie21

This is so sad but when I went to get the whole story.. I was aggravated that there were pictures of HIS memorial. Last time I check the murderer was not suppose to be memoralized. Had he not picked up a gun, no one would have been killed and a child left behind. Let us not lose focus on who the true victims are here; the 22yr old new mommy he killed and the child he took her away from!

Tracie Blackmon Marcum

Guns, violence and suicide. A scene all to familiar within the NFL. And I agree with Jorie21, all we will be hearing about his him...but what about HER?  I don't care what she did or didn't do, no one deserves that, and especially not a sweet innocent baby that has a tough road ahead of her now.


Alabama Grid Iron Girl

Sweet... SweetPoison

I think that there was some mental illness here..

I feel horrible for everyone involved. Including him.

maybe they all rest in peace

Bj Beverlyjan Howell


This' tragic no matter whether it happened the way it did or visa versa. My prayers go out to the families of these 2 young people that they find Peace and Love as well as solace from the One who gives it to all of us as believers. And may they find the courage and strength to raise Zoey in a strong loving enviroment, as cruel as it is these days. Bless you in the Name of the One who gives us Peace, Love, and Understanding and my thoughts and prayers, Bj Howell of Alabama

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