Indiana Man Wins Powerball -- Just When His Home Was Facing Foreclosure! (VIDEO)

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larry chandlerSo, as of now, we know one of the people who won the ri-god-damn-diculous Powerball the other night: Mark Hill, father of four, from Dearborn, Missouri. The lucky bastard from Arizona is still in hiding, but we do know about another dude who won. He didn't win big -- well, scratch that, he did win big; he won a million dollars. But when you compare that with half a billion, it's chump change. Anyway, the guy who won -- Larry Chandler, electrician from Indiana -- is kind of special. See, he realllllly needed the money.

Like a lot of people in America, Larry was facing foreclosure. And he's also got a family to take care of. Apparently, after Larry receives his cash, he's going to start a college fund for his daughter, give some money to his mom, and dine with his girlfriend at Red Lobster. I mean, how can you not love this guy? Indiana Lottery spokesman Al Larsen said it best when he told The Huffington Post: "The fact that his first thoughts were to take care of his mother, his daughter, and his girlfriend just makes you feel happy for him." Agreed. And I'm telling The Stir: "Any man who thinks 'Red Lobster' after coming into a million bucks is all right in my book."

So, as of now, two winners who have come forth really seem like nice, stand-up people, who could use the money. Kind of makes losing a little more bearable to the rest of us. Let's just hope the Arizona winner isn't some big-wig attorney or the inventor of Post-Its. It would be hard to be happy for that person.

Did you play the Powerball? Did you win?

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tuffy... tuffymama

Yay! We didn't play. I like seeing the people who win lotteries. It's fun to imagine what I would do with all the money, but I know that relatives who have never given a halfhearted shit about me and my kids would come pouring out of the woodwork if I came into a lottery winnings amount of cash. I think I'd personally rather live without the hassle and heartache.

Katie Hesney Johnson

Love seeing that someone who genuienly needed it got some prize money. I wish that man all the best!!



jlynn07 jlynn07

i read this earlier ..

The Arizona winner remains a mystery, but the person might have been caught on tape. Security footage from a Maryland convenience store, Marlboro Village Exxon, shows an excited, bald construction worker pumping his fist after checking his tickets.


The worker then says he bought the ticket in Arizona and gives it to clerk Nagassi Ghebre, local TV station WJLA reported.

Read more:

Meghan Roark

Good for him! We could have really used the money too, but you always play knowing the odds aren't exactly in your favor. I wish him and his whole family many happy years!

nonmember avatar Sandy

I agree! Always love to hear about hard working deserving people.

nonmember avatar Amy

First of all, you lose respect when you use horrible language like you did. That is not necessary to get your point across.

I am, however, very thrilled for this man that won.

Susan Goodrich

no i didnt win need it so badly but the man needed it too that makes me happy

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