Missouri Powerball Winner Said to Be a Deserving Father of 4 (Think He’ll Adopt Us?)

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powerball numbersI ran, in heels and in vain, to get a Powerball ticket Wednesday night only to be informed by a less than amused bodega owner that I'd miss the cut-off by an hour. S'OK, though, sounds like I saved myself $2 because the winning tickets were sold in Dearborn, Missouri and Fountain Hills, Arizona. While the Arizona winner is still on the lamb, rumors are starting to trickle in about the lucky duck from Moussori.

So who is the blessed asshole who's likely going to walk away with $190 million (after the split and taxes)?

Sources are saying that Mark Hill, 52, of Dearborn and his wife Cindy bought the winning ticket. There's a press conference scheduled for this afternoon at a local high school near where the ticket was purchased to confirm their identity, but that's what we know so far.

A friend of the couple's went on the Today show this morning to gush about his newly rich buddies, saying that "Mark" and "Cindy" (if that is their real names) were high school sweethearts and have three adult sons and a 6-year-old daughter whom they adopted from China.

The mother of the man who won also spoke to Today and said that her daughter-in-law showed up to her house shaking, which makes sense, because I'm sure the coat she fashioned out of $100 bills and gold coins was pretty heavy.

According to St. Joseph News Press, Mark took a more widespread approach to sharing the news and posted to his Facebook page, “We are truly blessed ... we were lucky winners of the powerball!”

The best part is, sycophants friends are saying it couldn't have happened to nicer people. Aww. Isn't that swell.

I'm not jealous, but I am, however, up for adoption.

Would you hold a press conference if you won the Powerball, or lay low?


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tuffy... tuffymama

You're so fucking mean spirited. Truly.

I'm glad a family won it. I hope it doesn't drive them apart or cause problems of the sort we hear other lottery winners suffering. If they do it right, this can be a rich blessing for generations of their family. Good for them!

nonmember avatar jayne

I believe it is "on the lam" not "on the lamb."

nonmember avatar KT

Does anyone proofread this site? Yes, it's "on the lam", which isn't even a good idiom to use in this context. And it's Missouri, not Moussori. I can't even read the rest of the article and take it seriously.

mustb... mustbeGRACE

"Deserving"  ??????

What the *uck does that mean?

jalaz77 jalaz77

Lay low...god knows what kind of crap will show up at your door.

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