City Okays Drive-In Sex Booths to Keep Prostitutes 'Safer'

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prostitutesSwiss voters in Zurich gave the go-ahead for the city to open a drive-in brothel next summer, in an attempt to control prostitution and create “a safer environment.” Instead of picking up hookers off the streets, johns will now be able to drive right up and get their jollies on a first come first served basis.

No potential for disaster there.

Around 30 prostitutes will serve the booths, which come with built-in panic buttons, and an onsite counselor. It’s unclear as to whether the therapist is for the benefit of the males that feel the need to pay women for sex, or the women with daddy issues providing it.

How is this a good idea? Zurich Social Welfare Department spokesperson Michael Herzig makes the case that 'the women will be better protected from attack, and it will also mean better business for them … With the women right by the sex boxes there is no "travel time" so they can deal with more customers. It's a better business model than standing on the street.'

Right, because the business model is what is wrong with prostitution. How kind of the voters in Switzerland to take care of the women selling their bodies for sex by legitimizing it and helping them service more clients in a given time frame.

This is a huge disservice to all involved. Sex should be special, and shared with someone you love, and not marginalized to a drive-thru experience. I’m not naïve enough to think that the world’s oldest profession will ever be eradicated, but can we please treat a seedy deal as such, and not as a legitimate business transaction as inane as a carwash?

Also troublesome about this whole thing is that it is part of Zurich’s Social Welfare Department. Talk about your tax dollars at work. Are they going to pipe ‘She Works Hard for the Money’ into the booths? 

Seriously, you know something is wrong when social service workers become enablers of the worst moral decisions. Just because people do things illegally does not mean that we should legalize and incentivize the activity.

This is not about protecting women -- it’s about objectifying them, plain and simple.

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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Assuming these women arent being forced into this lifestyle, I see no problem, really.

nonmember avatar Amy

Disgusting! Our world is horrible!

truth... truthrowan

Different people value sex differently. For me, it's an intimate, emotional thing. For others, it's just getting their jollies. Fact is though, there have always been men (and rarely women) who had to pay for sex, and someone has to provide it. That's just reality, get over it. Better everyone is safe and protected, then it be something that is pushed into dark corners and endangers all involved. So quit pushing your morals on other people, because you believe something doesn't mean it's true for everyone. While I can't understand the appeal of emotion-less sex personally, I acknowledge and accept that other people can. 

xiolxuo xiolxuo


rayeo... rayeofmoonlight

Who are you to decide what are the "worst moral decisions"?

MsRkg MsRkg

I personally see no problem with this. Morality is subjective. And I see nothing immoral in the act of prostitution so long as everyone is an adult and consenting willingly. Adults are free to make their own decisions which means if someone wants to pay to sell their body to another then so be it. I can see no harm in making this practice safer.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Safer? When they catch some nasty STD who's going to pay for the care of it? Oh wait, me... 

MsRkg MsRkg

@Pinkmani unless your living in Switzerland....I'm pretty sure not a dime of your tax money is going to this.

cleig... cleigh717

I think its a great idea. Safer is better! At least they r acknowledging an issue and creating ways to solve the problem instead of pretending it doesn't exist like we like to do here in america. Switzerland is considered one of the top three best nations to live in and the usa is number twenty six. Don't hate! Know when to copy good examples. Bashing prostitution isn't going to make prostitutes get off the street corner.

jkm89 jkm89

Lol MsRkg!!!

Congratulations Jenny, judgemental as always. Those prostitutes and their "daddy issues"! Jeez. This really isn't as awful as you're trying to make it out to be.

I'll go as far as saying prostitution should be legal as long as the prostitute is of age and consenting. You would think that Jenny and other Republicans would be all for this. Smaller government right? Why should the government tell us what we can and cannot do with our bodies? Don't let your morals get in the way, can't legislate those, right?

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