Lawyer Says 11-Year-Old Lured Men Into Having Sex With Her

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Trailer in the woods

A group of 20 men are accused of taking an 11-year-old girl to an abandoned trailer in Cleveland, Texas and gang-raping her over the course of four months in 2010. Those accused range in age from middle school to a 27-year-old man.

When Steve Taylor, defense attorney for 20-year-old Jared Len Cruse, recently asked the alleged victim if she had been a “willing participant,” the girl said “yes” and was forthcoming with the fact that she hadn't told anyone of the rape until after the video of the rape started circulating among schoolmates. Then Taylor attempted to make the disgusting case that the 11-year-old's behavior was “the reason” that the men raped her.

You won't believe what Taylor said about this child in court.

Taylor actually had the gall to ask the courtroom:

Like the spider and the fly. Wasn't she saying, "Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly?"

I have daughters and the fact that these words came out of another adult’s mouth makes me physically ill. It goes to show that there are still people in the world who believe that the victim shares some kind of culpability in her rape. That is just not the case ever and especially not when the victim is a child.

Rape is rape and an 11-year-old child is not old enough to give consent to sexual relations. Whether or not she said yes or didn't report it immediately or even if she ran around town butt-naked with a sign on her neck that said "Available," she was and still is a child, and any boy or man who had sex with her took advantage of her. Raped her. The only one culpable in a rape is the rapist. 

The world needs to shift the way it views rape. Rape is not something we should have to teach our girls how to stay safe from. We should be teaching our boys that rape is not okay, ever. Girls and women are not inanimate objects. We have feelings, we have thoughts, we have dreams, and we deserve human respect. A grown man talking a child into sex is not a remotely even playing field. She is too young to understand the ramifications of her decisions and the power is in the favor of the adult.

I don’t want to raise my girls in a world where they are told wearing short skirts, going to parties, and drinking may result in their becoming a rape victim. I am not particularly fond of the idea of my daughters doing any of these activities, but I also don’t think their punishment should be rape and I don’t think that women should have to be afraid to walk around in the world. How is it a woman’s fault that a man perpetrates a violent crime against her?

All this said, it makes me sick that a professional individual, defense attorney or not, would imply this kind of victim blame in his arguments. It's no wonder crimes like these continue to go on and that many rapists and child molesters never take responsibility for their crimes. 

What do you think of defense attorney Taylor’s statement?

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4cadi... 4cadillac

No wonder crime iz rampant n the world...bcuz of *wonderful* lawyers like this!!! FRY THEM ALL!!!

Dagny Fitzwater

I am sick from reading this.

SKDMo... SKDMom1020

Those men are sick!  I agree with everything you said but i am also a mother of a girl and while I hate that we live in a world where our daughters are so unsafe, I always told my daughter to dress modestly.  For one thing, we are Christians and modesty is part of our beliefs, but also because dressing too provocatively can put girls in dangerous situations.  But when we tell girls to be modest, we need to be sure and emphasize that we DON'T think that women who are scantily clad somehow "deserve it" or are "asking for it" because they ARE NOT, but it is just a wise thing to do as long as there are evil people in the world.  But, rape is not an act of sex, it is an act of violence and it can happen to anyone even if they are dressed head to toe in a raincoat.  And something to remember, they have interviewed rapists in prison and asked them what they look for in a victim.  Everything they said was more to do with how easily they could detain their victim, how easy their clothes were to remove, etc.  They said nothing about provocative clothing.

miche... micheledo

This kind of stuff upsets me SO much.  I don't even care if a child actually says the words and asks you for sex.  Or begged for it.  Who truly 'seduced' an adult.  Maybe somewhere that is completely true.

BUT AN ADULT IS AN ADULT.  YOU KNOW better.  YOU KNOW it is a child.  YOU KNOW it is wrong.  Seriously, what adult is SO weak that they can't tell a child NO.  So weak that they would submit to the demands of a child.  The adult is 100% responsible for his horrible actions.  

Using the excuse that the child asked for it, even IF true, doesn't change a thing.  Grow up.  Take responsibility for your actions.  YOU KNOW BETTER.  

Bridg... Bridget1981

The only thing that I a confused about (please pardon my ignorance on the subject, where I am from we do not have middle schools) but would 11 yrs old not be middle school aged.  I'm wondering if maybe the youngest of the accused was perhaps somebody she went to school with and things perhaps got out of control when it came to light what this girl had been through with everything else.  I am not at all trying to excuse this persons behaviour (just playing devil's advocate) and am in ABSOLUTELY no way excusing anybody who was of an age where they should know better.  I am just wondering about the young boy(s) accused, that is all.  Everybody else accused, I agree with everything that has been commented so far.

Bridg... Bridget1981

Sorry, and the lawyer for a 20 yr old should be strung up by his gonads and asked what he would do if a 20 yr old did that to his little girl.

nonmember avatar Anonymous

Looks like the defense attorney's ridiculous comment couldn't fool the jury. His client was sentenced to life in prison today.

nonmember avatar IslandMomOf4

Wow, what a complete douche!! I really hope this lawyer meets the karma train....she 'lured' them WTF?!

cmjaz cmjaz

It could've been the attorneys comment that pissed off the jurors enough to find him guilty. Good!

nonmember avatar krelia

We applaud 5 year olds who want to be a different gender, yet say 11 is to young to agree to sex? Not saying right or wrong either way, just find perception of things very humorous

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