Grade-School Brothers Accidentally Take LSD & Show Up to School Foaming at the Mouth

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psychedelicHere's a riddle. When two brothers, 7 and 10, were hospitalized after arriving at their Philadelphia elementary school one late September morning foaming at the mouth and hallucinating, what would you guess was the cause? Rabies? Epilepsy? A snake bite? A cruel prank? Wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong. The brothers were tripping on LSD.

Did I mention they were 7 and 10? As in 7 and 10 years old? OK, cool, just checking.

Apparently, the brothers accidentally took liquid LSD from a bottle of breath mint drops they found on the sidewalk, and decided to try it. The boys' mother and live-in boyfriend tested negative for drugs and investigators say there were no issues in the home. And unfortunately, cops weren't able to get any fingerprints off the small breath mint bottle of LSD and have no leads.

OK. I don't have any kids, but do parents have to teach their kids not to eat things off the street? Is that, like, a sit-down conversation that has to happen? If not, then maybe it should be because our streets and sidewalks are overrun with hallucinogens just waiting to be ingested.

Not really, but still, this story is pretty horrifying -- so glad these boys are OK! Can you imagine the trip they must have had? Acid can seriously mess up adults, let alone 90-pound children. I sincerely pray they don't have any flashbacks. That could be extremely traumatizing. Psychedelic superhero lunch box characters could haunt a person for life.

Note to self, and to all you kids out there -- do not eat things you find on the street. It's bad. The end.

Can you believe this?


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cmjaz cmjaz

I'll have that conversation with my 7yo tonite. I assume he knows since I never let him pick things off the ground when I'm with him but I better be sure.

Doomy234 Doomy234

I bet these kids probably did know not to eat stuff off the ground, but it was breathmint drops. To them this probably screamed "FREE CANDY!!". I mean, you're telling me if a 7 year old sees a hershey kiss lying on the ground, they arent gonna pick it up? Yeah, they probably wont while mommy is around, but by themselves they are likely to snatch it up and eat it. Who knows maybe the 10 year old was a little stinker and dared his brother to try some, then tried some too.

It doesnt make the situation any better. But it all has to do with not knowing all the circumstances. Things happen. Just be glad these kids are okay.

Akash... AkashaGermaine

Yeah, my dd knows not to pick things up and eat them. But this may have just been too tempting. Like @doomy said, while momma is around they likely wouldn't even look at the bottle, but the minute she's gone.....

douxm... douxmusique

Um yes this is a real topic that comes up with 7 and 10 year old boys and yes I can believe they wanted some Damn candy and ate this crap off the ground. Kids are weird man, even the smart "my kid would never....." Kind of kid. That's kind of crazy though.

Charlotte Brown

If you don't have kids why are you on Cafemom?

nonmember avatar Guest

FYI Bangor is almost 2 hours away from Philly. Closer to Allentown and at that its still 45 min north.

Lorso... Lorsons86

Wow, that is horrible!  Sadly, I think my son would do the same thing.  He is always picking things up off the ground, no matter how many times I tell him not to.  If I wasn't around to stop him - I'm sure he would do this.  :(

nonmember avatar momo

Am I raising my boys totally ocd? Because I talked to my 7 year old about this. I asked him about candy he found on the ground, right outside our house. Right outside my parents' where they know and love all the neighbors. He was completely grossed out by the idea. (I still stressed the point)

tashr... tashraq87

If this stuff was true, wouldn't you think you would hear about it on TV??

nonmember avatar nadine

This story is 100% true i am from that area and it was a big thing

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