Man Arrested for Possession of Viagra Has Hard Feelings

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Viagra bottleThis story is hard to swallow. A Bronx man is claiming he was harassed and arrested by cops -- for possessing a "controlled substance." That substance? Viagra! The man, Peter (really? that's his name? BWHA!) Williams, says that he had been prescribed Viagra by his doctor. He then got into a scuffle with a cop outside of a pizza parlor, and the cop "roughed [him] up" and "verbally harassed" him. And he wasn't interested in hearing that the "controlled substance" he was being arrested over was given to him by his doctor for erectile dysfunction. He then was handed a pretty stiff sentence: four hours in a police van and two days in jail. Which is, I think, more jail time than Lindsay Lohan has ever seen.

So what is up with this story? I mean, we know what was up -- the man had Viagra on him, after all. But why would cops arrest a guy for possession of Viagra? What exactly would the charge have been? Assault with a limp weapon? Har.

According to the cops' side, Williams' account of events is a bit soft. They say they saw Williams make a "hand to hand" transfer of the little blue pills to someone else. Which means he could have been trying to sell the Viagra. He also had been arrested in the past for trying to sell crack cocaine. Viagra is the new crack, folks!

The Viagra charges against Williams were eventually dropped for lack of hard evidence, but that hasn't stopped Williams from suing the city for unlawful arrest and "mental anguish." Ca-ching!

I don't know what exactly happened here. But a guy definitely shouldn't be arrested for possessing Viagra. If he was trying to sell it, that's another story. Let these limp d*cks buy their own Viagra, I say! The irony here is that although it was Williams who had the Viagra, it's the city that will get screwed.

Do you think this guy should have been arrested?


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Procr... Procrastamom

I didn't read the story, but wanted to congratulate the Stir on this title.  Good work, Ladies...good work.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

NY Cops are known for stoping and frisking especially blacks and Latinos...

tuffy... tuffymama

Was there a legitimate reason for the arrest? Who knows? We weren't there to see. Cops SUCK, frankly, but I have no tolerance for a crackhead or a drug dealer. This is small potatoes. I don't even know why it was in the news for a Stir writer to hear about it.

Laura Jerpseth

What's wrong with the name Peter?

Tracie Blackmon Marcum

I can't even put a real thought together because I am laughing so hard at every sentence.  WELL DONE Ms. Blakeley!!!!


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