Mom Gets $105,000 in Parking Tickets -- Could This Scam Happen to You?


monte carloDo you procrastinate? Ever have an annoying task you know you need to take care of, but you just never get around to it? Well, here's one single mom who may have taken procrastination too far. Jennifer Fitzgerald has been slapped with $105,000 worth of parking tickets. A car registered under her name was abandoned at Chicago O'Hare Airport for THREE YEARS. Three years -- at the airport! Where we all know the parking is super expensive anyway. Who does that?!?

The city sent Jennifer notice after notice but she's blaming it on her ex-boyfriend. Oh sure, blame it on the ex! Because aren't ex-boyfriends responsible for everything that goes wrong in our lives? Well, in this case ... pretty much.

According to this version of her story, she's just an irresponsible woman who abandoned her car and let the parking tickets pile up. But that's not the whole story, of course. Jennifer says in 2008 her then-boyfriend (a United Airlines employee) bought the car from her uncle for $600. And then, without her knowledge, he registered the title under her name. They broke up the following year, and he dumped the car at the airport.

There wasn't much she could do about the car after getting all those tickets, either, because she didn't have the keys! She says she tried to get the Chicago police to help her move the car, but they wouldn't. She also doesn't understand why the car wasn't just towed, like Chicago law says it should be after staying on city property longer than 30 days.

Apparently poor Jennifer has been trying to deal with this hassle for these long three years and it's all ended up here, with a ridiculous $105,000 in fees that she shouldn't be responsible for. She even lost her license over the parked car! So now she's suing her ex-boyfriend (YES), his employer, and the city for being so danged irresponsible and foolish. I mean really -- sticking a single mom with all this mess? Jesus H. Christ! Some people have no shame.

Who do you think should be responsible for the abandoned car?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

why in the hell did it sit in the lot for THREE YEARS? the city or airport should have had it towed - sounds like she wasn't the only one procrastinating eh? 

and for the record, unfortunately, if it's her name on the title - she better hope for a sympathetic judge because legally she's on the hook. 

jlynn07 jlynn07

how could she not know the car was registered to her? don't you have to sign your name for that .. just saying :)

GlowW... GlowWorm889

@ jlynn07 - Not neccesarily. When I got my first car, my mother forged my signature for registration because I was away at school and (obviously) could not drive the three hours home to sign for it. They could have waited a whole three weeks until my school vacation, but it was a gift and they wanted it street-ready by the time I got home. Nobody even questioned it. It wasn't legal, but if you spin a convincing enough story, a lot of people are compassionate enough to let it slide.

This sucks for this woman. I think the ex-boyfriend should be held responsible. Obviously. He's the one who left it there!

Em Chappell-Root

Many states have "sign the title" sales, you have a bill of sale pre-printed on the back of the title. You can believe you've signed over and sold off a car, but if the person who bought it never filed the paper work or paid for the title transfer, then it's still legally, according to the DMV, in your name. Happens with Mobile Homes too. 


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