Alleged Killer Nanny Yoselyn Ortega Calls Herself 'Pathetic' & Pleads 'Not Guilty'

Killer nanny caseThe horrific slaying of Leo Krim, 2, and his sister Lucia, 6, allegedly at the hands of their nanny Yoselyn Ortega on October 25 was one of the most horrific crimes in recent memory. The two babies were found by their mother Marina Krim, slashed and stabbed in the bathtub, while Ortega stabbed herself in the neck and almost bled to death.

Now, charged with first degree murder, a charge typically reserved for murders of cops and judges, Ortega has pleaded not guilty to the murders and asked that the press stay out of her hospital. She says she is too "pathetic" to be seen. As the New York Post put it: "She's pathetic, all right."

Obviously, in this country, we are innocent until proven guilty and Ortega has every right to plead what she feels is the truth. Meanwhile the rest of us are left to speculate and this plea tells me two things:

1.) The parents are about to go through even more hell thanks to this plea.


2.) She is going to have to come up with some pretty elaborate tale to explain how the mother walked in on what she walked in on that night.

Judging from the website defending her, I worry she may plan to try to pin the blame on the mother. From everything I have heard, that seems insane, but I guess you never know what really happened unless you were there.

Still, if she is lying and just trying to deflect blame, this will cause Marina Krim enormous amounts of pain. No one will believe it naturally, but can you imagine anyone claiming that the worst tragedy of your life was your fault? Yeah. It's pretty horrendous no matter how you look at it. My heart just aches for these poor parents.

The next court date is January 16, which means this case is going to consume the next few months in the media and, most of all, in these parents' lives. We can all try to keep an open mind, but Ortega's name in the press is "the killer nanny." That's kind of a hard legend to live down or plead against. Is she guilty? I guess time will tell. But it's awfully hard to imagine a scenario in which anyone else did it.

Of course, it's also hard to imagine a person who would kill children because she was envious of their affluent parents. No matter what the answer is, it's hard to fathom. Two beautiful children were murdered. There is no explanation for that.

Are you surprised by the plea?


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bills... billsfan1104

I am not surprised by the plea. I also think that you shouldn't make assumptions that she was envious. We dont know what went on in that household. We dont know how she was treated by her employer, to the point that she snapped and killed those precious children. I for one am waiting for the trial and waiting to see what really happened before making judgements. Because what you are going to get is another Casey Anthony.

tuffy... tuffymama

I'm not surprised. This POS is obviously a finger pointer, blaming everyone else for the problems she has created for herself. Fuck her. I can't wait for her to burn in hell.

nonmember avatar Emily

I hope to Gos this isn't another Casey Anthony ordeal...

Cassandra Huber

Not surprised at all, from what I have read, this little piece of scum actually waited for the mom to walk in before stabbing herself. Looks like she wanted revenge and she wants pity. She isn't getting any pity from me, and if that were me walking in to find my 2 kids dead and the nanny trying to stab herself, I would have taken the knife from her and made sure it was done right. You kill my child, and are still alive, you won't be for long. That stab wound was only so she can have a sob story for later. She's not mentally ill, she's a jealous tramp who wanted revenge. Judging by the circumstances, it was premeditated most likely.

divam... divamomtjcj

smh not only did mom walk in but the nanny had the exact same knife as the one used to kill those poor babys. so 1. u have evidence 2. u have a witness. my heart breaks for the parents. but now a days it seems u have to get caught on camera to get found guilty ( casey anothony) how could the mom have done it when the mom was with her other child?

nonmember avatar Samalam

In most states, first-degree murder is defined as an unlawful killing that is both willful and premeditated according to The stupidest part of this entire article was when the actor said that 1st degree murder was reserved for judge and cop victims. W.t.f? Couldn't even proccess the other blab afterward. Isn't this the third article of this on here? I don't know, I could be wrong.

Tia Mealy

explain how? she should explain WHY the mother found her kids like this. she trusted the nanny to take care of her babies when she needed to do something.

Monika Galvez

premeditated... what a selfish hater in the buisness of trust and care. tryen to turn this on a woman she decieved in interview ganna try and turn the knife? what a wack house the parents should be at ease to know this heartless no good trash will be judged all truth rises says the Lord. may the parents know we all see real lies. and Karma knows all faces.

nonmember avatar Kayla

Right, Samalam?? I did the exact same thing!

But on another note...I feel so terribly for that family. My thoughts are with them, and I hope that piece of trash rots in hell for what she did.

nonmember avatar Jen

All accused criminals MUST plead not guilty at the initial stage in order to get a trial date. If they try to plead guilty at that stage, the Judge will stop the proceedings and instruct their lawyer to talk to them. The press always makes it seem like it is such a big thing. It isn't. Next she will have a trial date at which time she will either plead guilty to something or she will have a trial and a jury will determine her guilt or innocence.

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