Accused Nanny Enters Questionable Plea in Krim Children's Murders


strollerI'm baffled by this. Yoselyn Ortega, the nanny accused of killing Lucia and Leo Krim, has pleaded not guilty in their deaths. I know we can't convict her without a fair trial. I know we don't have all the facts. But still, I'm shocked. A mother says she found her nanny with her dead children and with blood on her hands. What else could have happened there?

I think she may try to plead insanity. Ortega will have a psychological evaluation before her next court date, January 16. I think maybe she and her attorney are already laying the groundwork for that strategy.

Ortega remained silent while her lawyer entered her plea on her behalf (by the way, her attorney did not mention insanity). She is still at the hospital, handcuffed to her bed -- remember, she's there because she slit her throat just as Marina Krim walked into the bathroom. There are already witnesses who say Ortega seemed to be on the verge of "losing her mind." But I guess we'll have to wait and see if those symptoms of mental instability were severe enough to explain (excuse?) the murder of two children.

I don't think I'm the only one who's skeptical about a possible insanity plea. If the Krims had seen signs of severe mental distress, wouldn't they have taken precautions? Maybe not -- people often see only what they want to see in each other. But still, anxiousness over money troubles usually doesn't follow this horrific path!

Anyway, that insanity plea hasn't been working for criminals lately, at least not in high-profile cases. Jared Loughner was recently given seven life sentences for his attack in Arizona. We're talking about two very different cases in different states, so I can't apply too much from one situation to the other. At any rate, the plea makes me angry on behalf of the Krims. It's just going to drag this already painful case out even longer for them.

Do you think Yoselyn will try to plead insanity?


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nonmember avatar Tara

Wait for it, the lawyers will play the poor immigrant card. That these horrendous affluent Caucasian adults pushed this minority to her limit. They treated her like an animal and she finally broke. And sadly there will, as there already have been, many coming to her support. Blogs are filled with how it "must have been something Krims did". It's a shame how our society is so quick to blame the victims when they make up the 1%. Personally I hope she fries.

shesl... shesliketx

Legal insanity isn't the same as being insane. It has a different definition and based on what I have looked into in this case, there isn't a huge possibility that an insanity defense will be accepted. But who knows.


I'm shocked that you're shocked at her plea. We had an asswipe here in L.A.about 20 years ago named Richard Ramirez(wrong spelling,don't care)who went up and down the Calif.coast killing people and guess what? He entered a not guilty plea. It's done all the time. Not too many murderers own up to what they do.

Andi Dodd

Entering a plea of not guilty is actually just a stall tactic to see if they can plea to a lesser charge... generally. 

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