Toddler Narrowly Missed by Car Crash Must Have a Guardian Angel (VIDEO)


toddler's near missDo you ever feel like a guardian angel is watching out for your kids? It almost looks like that's what happened to a toddler in Georgia the other day. Little 16-month-old Gray Harkleroad was narrowly missed by a car that smashed into his family's jewelry store. He was just toddling around and happened to cross the front area of the shop on his way to his daddy's office. Seconds later a car came crashing in, glass breaking everywhere.

If Gray had been there just a few seconds more, or if the car had arrived just a few seconds earlier, it's very unlikely Gray would still be with us today. Security cameras caught this insane incident. You have to see how terrifyingly close Gray was to losing his life.

Gray actually still got thrown by the car -- that's how close he was. His 21-year-old brother Caleb saw him flying backwards and grabbed him. Gray suffered some bruising and cuts, but otherwise he's fine. Phew!

Caleb later said he was "thankful to God the angels were here. Nobody knew who was hurt or what was going on or what happened. It was just chaos." What's a family member or a parent to think about a close call like this? It's just so freakish, I wouldn't blame anyone who believes in guardian angels.

Of course, so many other kids are not so fortunate. Horrible accidents happen all the time, through no fault of the parents or the children. Life is just cruel that way -- sometimes lives are miraculously spared, sometimes lives are cut far too short. You just never know. And that's why I hug my son every morning and tell him I love him.

By the way, if you're wondering about the driver, she was an 84-year-old customer who thinks she must have accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake when she was parking in front of the store. She was ticketed and charged with reckless driving. She says she won't ever drive again.

Do you believe guardian angels are watching out for your children?


Image via Yahoo/ABC News

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abra819 abra819

So goddamn tired of hearing these old people running through buildings and almost or actually killing people. Listen up kids of these elders, TAKE THE KEYS AWAY!!

sbreece sbreece

I agree with pp. There should be more vigorous testing for people over a certain age when it comes to driving. How do you mistake the gas for the brake? Its just not something that happens unless you're not in your right mind for whatever reason.


Glad that baby is ok. And yes..angels were definitely watching him!!

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