Mom Gets Two Life Terms, One for Her Daughter & One for Her Son

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Kelli Lynn MurphyA mom got two life sentences for killing her kids this week in what is simultaneously the best and worst news of the week. The worst, of course, because Kelli Murphy murdered her two children in cold blood. Two children are gone in an act that's completely senseless. But as the family of little Liam and Madigan Murphy said in a statement to the media, the jurors did their job here.

Kelli Murphy could have been convicted of reckless manslaughter. She could have gotten off with just parole. Instead, we were reminded this week by a Colorado court that children matter, that their lives have as much value as an adult's.

Murphy was instead found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of first-degree murder by a person in a position of trust. The mother who strangled her 9- and 6-year-old children so her soon-to-be ex-husband wouldn't get custody will spend the rest of her life in prison, the result of two consecutive life sentences handed down by the courts this week.

This can't erase the tragedy of two children being murdered by their own mother. But there's something to be said for justice here.

Two children are dead. For a mother to have the hubris to expect probation when she did the deed is unthinkable. I hate to bring out the "real mother" card here, but I'm going to. A real mother would be so angry at herself for such a crime that she'd want more punishment, not less.

That alone speaks to success in that courtroom.

And there's more. There's the fact that the sentence is indicative of the way a person will be treated for doing something so heinous to children. We don't brush it under the rug because, hey now, motherhood is tough and blah, blah, blah.

Kelli Murphy may have wanted the jury to care about her and how prison would affect her life, but the rights of her poor kids won out here. Two life sentences for this woman is just about right, don't you think?

What do you think of the sentence for Kelli Murphy?


Image via Douglas County Sheriff

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dirti... dirtiekittie

that's fine. let her sit in jail and spend the rest of her days on this earth remembering what she did to her own babies. women who will hurt or kill their children to get back at someone are absolute filth, and the lowest of the low. i hope she enjoys hell.

rest in peace little angels.

zombi... zombiemommy916

I can't get the thought of those innocent children fighting for their lives out of my head...what must have been going through their God...and the disgusting bitch wanted reprieve!?!? I also hope she rots in hell...

LuvMy... LuvMyBrennaBean

I just cannot wrap my head around this... I can understand being angry, not wanting your husband to get custody... but to kill your babies??!?? I'd go to the ends of the earth and back to protect my children, not harm them... 

Mandi Raleigh

She needs to rot in hell, in her cell. I can't fathom people like this, or is she even human?

gwebk... gwebkeijmmm

I think real justice would be to take her out back and shoot her. But hey, that's just me. 

Deryni28 Deryni28

If you want to play the "real mother" card... a real mother would not have murdered her children just b/c someone else might get custody.

Second of all yeah justice was sereved to some degree but it always pisses me off to know that this woman will now how free room and board, free food, no bills to worry about, etc.  All thanks to our taxes.

Gina Vinciguerra

I think that if you consider the act itself and the reason it was committed, this piece of garbage got off way to easy. She murdered her children so her Ex husband couldn't have them...this was a direct act of malice toward the husband!!!!!!! Not that it would have been excusable; but if you don't want the other parent to take the kids because you can't live without them, wouldn't you kill the husband, or take off with the kids somewhere? She did this to hurt him and the sad fact is; she can rot in prison for the rest of her days but she will not suffer any remorse.

Belinda Cashwell

If the court system would try to keep the children in both parents lives then this wouldn't happen in the first place. They are not objects that one parent or the other keeps like an object. The children should have a social worker who really cares and not a GAL ( a lawyer who doesn't have the knowledge to know what is best for children) to help build the family in a 2 family setting. Judges just don't care anymore. It's all about money and not is what is best for the kids, both parents should be involved in their lives and the whole family should have to go to therapy so everyone involved can have a healthy life in this situation.

Cheryl Foldes

Heinous, unremorseful, self-centered, selfish monster. Murder at the hands of this mother; and one would not fail to wonder why the father would get custody. What could anyone fathom of such a brutal act? These children were not hers to take, not hers to hurt, she was given the precious gift of life and she chose to erradicate them. Erradicating her life would be the only sensible act to justify her taking of these two lives, but the jury has given her two life sentences. Thank God for prisons and places to place these monsters! No amount of words can ever express the loss of a child. I know, a monster murdered my child because he didn't want to lose custody either, only he murdered my daughter, the mother of his own child. The lawyers will defend him, but when the trial is finished, he will meet the same fate as this brutal criminal.

Kathy Garvon Page

I think they should implement the death penalty!! Let God or what every you believe in deal with her. This is cut and dry now she get to sit in a jail cell and do nothing no responsibility, nothing. No person should take a live unless its self defense.

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