Mom Gets Two Life Terms, One for Her Daughter & One for Her Son

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Kelli Lynn MurphyA mom got two life sentences for killing her kids this week in what is simultaneously the best and worst news of the week. The worst, of course, because Kelli Murphy murdered her two children in cold blood. Two children are gone in an act that's completely senseless. But as the family of little Liam and Madigan Murphy said in a statement to the media, the jurors did their job here.

Kelli Murphy could have been convicted of reckless manslaughter. She could have gotten off with just parole. Instead, we were reminded this week by a Colorado court that children matter, that their lives have as much value as an adult's.

Murphy was instead found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of first-degree murder by a person in a position of trust. The mother who strangled her 9- and 6-year-old children so her soon-to-be ex-husband wouldn't get custody will spend the rest of her life in prison, the result of two consecutive life sentences handed down by the courts this week.

This can't erase the tragedy of two children being murdered by their own mother. But there's something to be said for justice here.

Two children are dead. For a mother to have the hubris to expect probation when she did the deed is unthinkable. I hate to bring out the "real mother" card here, but I'm going to. A real mother would be so angry at herself for such a crime that she'd want more punishment, not less.

That alone speaks to success in that courtroom.

And there's more. There's the fact that the sentence is indicative of the way a person will be treated for doing something so heinous to children. We don't brush it under the rug because, hey now, motherhood is tough and blah, blah, blah.

Kelli Murphy may have wanted the jury to care about her and how prison would affect her life, but the rights of her poor kids won out here. Two life sentences for this woman is just about right, don't you think?

What do you think of the sentence for Kelli Murphy?


Image via Douglas County Sheriff

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nonmember avatar tawana williams

Godbless the mother! because she was sick minded and selfish! she looks deranged hopefully she will ask for forgivness from god and be forgiven i beleive the worst punishment would be to be locked up forever till u die.....bleas thm children they are in heaven...

Redhe... RedheadMama18

A "real mother" would not have even killed her children in the first place.  I am glad she gets to spend the rest of her life in prison with nothing but thinking about what she did.  

nonmember avatar tina Leonard

Why didnt she get the death sentence.what comes around goes around

Karah Durrin

they need to send her to tent city in AZ let her rot in the sun all day and eat baloney sandwiches and work on the chain gangs there. She make me sick

nonmember avatar Rachel

There is a specific instance of this in the bible. Where the two women were claiming a baby to be theirs. Solomon decided who was the "real mother" when he ordered the baby to be cut in half. The true mother, not wanting to see her baby harmed said to give him to the other woman just don't harm him. This is how they knew the true mother. I would rather give my son to my husband than harm him!

iamfree iamfree

This is just awful! She does not deserve to be called a mother anymore. No mother kills their own children! and for what, so her ex doesn't get custody! ridiculous! What were those poor children thinking when she was strangling them, where they looking right in her eyes at their moment of death? How can she kill one, then still have the strength to go and kill the other?! Awful, AWFUL, AWFUL.  Rot in hell!

Christine Brouwer

It make me physically sick to look at this person's picture. I can't even call her a woman, let alone a mother. How horrible is this; I can't even get my mind around this. So sickening...

nonmember avatar Stefanie

I cannot understand how some of these cases aren't prevented. This woman is clearly not stable and there were probably signs of her not being a good patient if her ex was going to get custody. Why doesn't the court demand psych evals on the parents before letting them know issues of custody to protect the children from this?

Adie0510 Adie0510

She may get free room and board in prison, but she'll have to be segregated from the rest of the female inmates. If they find out she murdered her children, they'll rip her hair out. She will die in prison completely alone. To me, that is a good punishment but it won't bring back her innocent children.

Chacha la Reina

i guess the saying is true "i bought them in this world, and i can take them out". so so so so sad. i had issues with my kids father trying to get custody. not once the idea of killing my kids went through my head. ppls keep an open mind, she might go for insanity. this is coming from a person with a mental disability. i have bipolar disorder type I. so i really don't wanna hear the her mental statues made her do it. so that just keeps the stigma going instead of stopping the stigma. i hate it when ppls blame it on their issues.

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