Shocking Bigfoot DNA Study 'Proves' the Creature Once Got Kinky With Humans


BigfootCome on, admit it, we all want Bigfoot to exist. The mythical "beast" who is eight feet tall, covered in hair, and goes by the name Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot, and more is a legend we could all get behind. And now, a Texas veterinarian claims she has the DNA, has studied it extensively, and can prove Bigfoot exists and is no monster at all.

Yes, that's right. Melba S. Ketchum claims she has been testing samples from "Bigfoot," though it's unclear where she got them, and that the legendary creature is a human hybrid, descended from human females who mated with males of “an unknown hominid species.” Creepy, eh?

We all want it to be true. Admit it. The thought is intriguing and it certainly grabs the attention. Just think of the poor man killed on the road because he wanted people to believe so badly. Unfortunately, we all know the reality.

Our world is full of things we can't explain, it's true. And new species DO exist. We haven't seen everything there is to see. It's also possible that a creature that was part human could theoretically be smart enough to hide from the rest of us and keep his or her identity a secret, right? It's possible.

But it's not likely.

Come on now. We would love to think this is true and the theory could work in much the same way the aquatic ape theory related to mermaids work. Humans could have evolved in different ways and we do know, with pretty well accepted proof, that we weren't the only hominid species that ever existed. Homo sapiens just ended up lasting longer. Um, except Bigfoot. Right?

Scientists HAVE proven that modern humans have some genetic traits that we got from interbreeding with Neanderthals, a hominid that supposedly died out 30,000 years ago.

It's all possible. But it's not probable. The likelihood that we could have gone this long and not found definitive proof that Bigfoot exists is low, indeed, especially if they are common enough to be spread across the globe, earning names everywhere from Nepal to Northern Washington. It's just not likely.

It's also not an awesome use of scientific resources. But hey. I don't want to rain on the old parade. Let's do another study next month that proves we are all Martians. I totally know some people who make me believe. 

Do you think Bigfoot is real?


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Doomy234 Doomy234

I believe. I also find it disturbing that a bigfoot essentially raped women (or who knows, maybe the ladies offered themselves up *shivers*) and had hairy little bigfoot babies. But I find it amusing that the lady studying this, her last name is Ketchum. Like Ash Ketchum from Pokemon capturing imaginary creatures.

nonmember avatar AlwaysCurious

Actually, there are stories of German scientist experimenting with women and ape species in order to create a superior race. Search it. They would use female "volunteers". The research was discontinued in the early '70's, I believe.

pupuk... pupukeawahine

Grew up in the PNW and have heard about Sasquatch since I was a child.  A scientist relative believes he had an encounter in the deep woods/mountainous terrain many years ago.  The stories here in the PNW are very similar to the stories from the Himalayas.

nonmember avatar Beth

Ketchum has refused to have her study and findings reviewed by an independent source and/or other researchers, something highly irregular and should raise a big red flag. Her company also has an "F" grade from the BBB.

Cel7777 Cel7777


James Smith

her dna results have to be able to be duplicated by another lab independent of her own to even get the peer review, no?

butte... butterflyfreak

I don't really know anything about the DNA side of it, but I do believe that Bigfoot exists. My husband saw him as a child. And yeah, I know, the skeptics are chuckling behind their hand at me right now but I don't care. I think the world is a much more mysterious place than people are really comfortable admitting to.

Let me ask you Sasha, have you ever been to the Pacific Northwest? Hiked through some of our beatiful, deep forests? I'm thinking most likely not. It's harder to deny the mystery when it's all around you.

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