New ‘Car for Women’ Is Here & OMG IT’S PINK!!! YAY!!! (VIDEO)

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car for womenHave you ever thought that cars are just too darn masculine? Tired of hearing about things like "safety features" and "gas mileage"? Want a car the color of your first Kotex wrapper? Well, my delicate lady flowers, Honda is one step ahead of you. Introducing She's, the Japanese car maker's answer to what they're calling "consumer demand" for a car for women. The newest version of their Fit line of automobiles, She's is aimed at the feminine clientele who's most interested in a car that's cute and one that, most specifically, will prevent unwanted wrinkles around our eyes (a UV protected windshield!) and dry skin on your hands (a plasma cluster A/C system!).

But, wait a second ... pink trimming on the dashboard, too? And a heart in the place of the apostrophe in "She's"? Finally a car that gets us!

And ooh! Girls! If, like, pink isn't, like, your color? A representative for Honda told a Japanese newspaper that the car comes in white, black, and brown, as well, so that we're able to match our car to our eyeshadow if we want! Tee hee!

I'm not sure why they stopped where they did ... I mean, if they really wanted to make a car for women, shouldn't they have made it with built-in calendar, a pink calendar of course, so we can track our menses? And maybe extra mirrors so we can check our makeup? Ooh! And what about it coming standard with a man, so that he can drive us around to the mall, LOL!


All that's missing from this vehicle is a goddamn tampon holster on the seat belt.

What do you think -- cute, sexist, or neither?


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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

It's coming out in Japan- where the female population LOVES stuff like this. If it sells, awesome for the company for catering to the market. I don't see it taking off here- but it'll be a big hit in some other places.

leona24 leona24

That's awesome that its so girly! Its a nice change, it seems like women in our country, espescially liberals, don't like girly. I am very girly and think its great!!

PonyC... PonyChaser

welcome to capitalism. It's called "target market". YOU are obviously NOT the target market for this car. Perhaps you are the target market for a very macho Nissan Leaf in a nice Camo pattern.

But SOME women will like this car, and SOME women will buy it.

It's not sexist, it's business. Get over it.

nonmember avatar Littlefrogs

I think a lot of cars are penises on wheels. It's all about power, size and sexiness.

If you were going to design a car for this woman, it would be cheerful, comfortable, super safe, efficient and easy to clean. Butt warmers for all seats. Bright pretty colors on the exterior. No more grey or grey/black interior.

DKs-Kat DKs-Kat

Pink is my favorite color. I have lots of things in pink. If this came here to America, I would consider buying one. It's different, it's eye catching and like the women in the video said, it's cute!

tuffy... tuffymama

That car is fugly, but I like the color. I need nail polish in that shade!

Karma Grant

"liberals don't like girly" wtf? Ugg. So tired of reading an article that has nothing to do with politics and someone has to make an idiotic statement like that.

Karma Grant

@Tuffymama, me too! I had some almost 2 years ago made by Sally Hansen but they got rid of it in their new lines.

Livin... LivinBlessed

My stun gun is pink:)

Felly... FellyScarlett

Okay, here's the deal woman; some of us like girly stuff. I realize that you're an indepentent free woman and all, and you don't like girly cars or girly pens, but some of us do.

So please take the tampon out of your ass and move along.

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