11 Puppies Found Killed & Skinned in Horrifying Crime Scene

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Could imagine hurting something this cute?
It's been a bad week for dog lovers. First there was the news that three members of a family died after their dog ran into the water in California. Now we're hearing that 11 puppies were discovered in a park in southeastern Pennsylvania, all dead and all skinned.

Is anyone else thinking band of deranged thugs? Or maybe a serial killer in the making?

If it were some other sort of animal, I'd at least ponder whether the killer were down on their luck and looking to make money off of the pelt. But there isn't much call for puppy skins -- unless you're working for Cruella de Vil.

That leaves only the conclusion that all 11 puppies were killed by someone who saw them as unimportant, as easy prey whose deaths would not matter. It's the sort of mentality common with people who later go on to kill humans. They start with something "easy," and their lack of empathy for the four-legged carries over to people.

This sort of over-the-top cruelty is nearly the exact opposite of the tragedy in California, in which a teen boy apparently loved his dog so much he tried chasing him into the water to save his life. Here we have a person or persons who seems to have taken some sick pleasure in hurting innocent animals. And not just one innocent animal but 11 of them.

Come to think of it, the person who did this is the real animal.

Do you find this crime as unsettling as I do? What kind of animal do you think did this?


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linzemae linzemae

Sounds to me like they wanted the fur.

Felly... FellyScarlett

According to the article they look like foxes. Still effed up though. Fur is murder, sorry.

caito... caitob322

Northeastern PA, not Southeastern....and they were likely foxes, not puppies.  Personally, I think it's disgusting either way, especially to leave them somewhere where people are likely to stumble across them, but here in PA fox hunting is legal this time of year (and quite popular in some areas...), where as killing puppies is never legal.

Torra... TorranceMom

This happens to dogs, cats, rabbits and various other animals in places like China & Korea every single day! These creatures are electrocuted, bludgeoned, skinned alive, their skulls crushed in as they are held down by workers' boots and just about every other horrible thing you could (and could never) imagine. People need to grow a conscience and quit wearing fur. Crap like this won't go away until the demand for fur goes first . . .

silen... silentdreamer

It was reported they were determined to be foxes not puppies. Please look at all the facts before you report on something. That's how something gets blown out of proportion and rumors happen like serial puppy killers.

nonmember avatar Carly

This happened near where I live. They think it may have been foxes instead of puppies, and they're offering a $7000 reward for info.

Rose Roo

I don't care what kind of animal it is, that person deserves to be skinned alive for what he/she did. This is just horrible. I hope they catch this jerk and tear him a new one!

Josh Tennyson

Has someone found and flayed the cocksucker responsible for this?

Anne Grant-Beacon

OMG!!! How sad is that, i just dont get them phsycos.... find them and do the same dam thing!

nonmember avatar Bryce

I completely agree with Rose. Who cares what kind of animal they were?? What kind of a sick f*#k do you have to be to have fun torturing another living creature?? No fox, puppy, cat, or ANY animal deserves to die in such a painful and pointless manner....

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