Battle Royal:Prince Charles & Camilla Parker Bowles Versus Prince William and Kate Middleton

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royal couplePrince Charles has never been a popular figure. First came the Princess Diana scandal, and then came his marriage to Camilla Parker-Bowles which would have been a touching love story had it not have been tainted by his scandalous behavior while still married to Princess Di, well, if not in action, certainly in thought.

Unfortunately, Prince Charles has never really been a winner. There was a point once upon a time when Prince Charles was fairly popular amongst his people but those days are long gone.  A recent poll showed a massive decline in public support in the UK for Prince Charles. It’s no surprise, really, especially if you take into account how well his son, Prince William, and daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, have been doing in establishing a modern monarchy.

How lucky for Prince Charles that the monarchy is not a democracy or he would be out with the trash because, according to popular opinion, no one wants him to be their king. I wonder if that causes tension between father and son? It’s a shame really because it seems to have taken the father and son a long time to mend the rift left between them by the days of Diana’s constant bad mouthing of Prince Charles to her son.

Queen Elizabeth would never let her son suffer the humiliation of being passed over but she could quite possibly demand that he get rid of Camilla Parker-Bowles. Prince William and Princess Kate are storybook royalty and that is what everyone wants to see in royalty. We want them to be just like us but just a little bit out of reach. 

Charles and Camilla are old, out of touch with their people and not very likable just because of their romantic history. There is no crime in being human but when people put you on a pedestal, like they do the royal family, they expect more than human emotions and marital blunders.

Who would you prefer rule the UK, Prince Charles and Camilla or Prince William and Kate?

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Don't have a dog in this fight; because I live in America.

nonmember avatar Vini Aniello

I would like to see Willian and Kate. NEVER, CHARLES AND CAMILLA!!!!!!

nonmember avatar alixromanov

Cannot stand Charles. However, if, as you say, the Queen would demand that Charles get rid of Camilla, Duchess Catherine & her baby would fill the void perfectly. Prince William would be able to participate in Royal activities as he cares to, as well as continue to be in the Military. This would be the ONLY scenario in which Charles would be acceptable.

nonmember avatar AmandaL

I HATE Camilla and Charles! 20 years ago the only thing that family had going for them was Diana and her kids. If it was up to me give it to William and Kate. At least people like them and relate to them as people. Im not even sure Charles and Camilla are people.

nonmember avatar Tiffany

There is a precedent for this: Charles is divorced, so he can't very well be the head of the Church of England!! Pass him over! It's not like this hasn't been the basis for skipping an heir before. :-)

nonmember avatar Vicky

Edward gave up his right to rule when he married divorcee Wallis Simpson, causing his brother to be king. In fact, if Edward had not abdicated, Elizabeth II would not be queen and this entire conversation would be moot.

nonmember avatar Sasha

I would choose William and Kate.

Carolyn Stickney

Prince William and his loving wife Kate. GOD Bless Them

Carol Cercone

Of course, William and Kate.....they're very modern , not the stuffy moarchy that Charles is and Camilla doesn't deserve part of the crown !

Frances Williams

Prince William and Kate are most certainly favoured by me to take the reins of our monarchy as and when needed. How any of us could be expected to take either of Charles or Camilla seriously and trust them, or him, to rein over this country is idiotic. They have no morals or standards. 

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