'Cannibal Cop' Mother Says Her Son is 'Not a Monster' (VIDEO)

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I definitely feel sorry for the mother of 'Cannibal Cop' Gilberto Valle, who is accused of plotting to cook 100 women. At worst, her son might be a wannabe cannibal and mass murderer. At best, he's got some seriously twisted fantasies. I can only imagine that at this point, she's asking herself, "What happened to my baby?!" But although Elizabeth Valle sounds stressed, she doesn't sound like she thinks her son has done anything wrong. She told the Mail Online:

My son is not what they are saying he is. He’s been made out to be a monster. My son is not a monster.
Elizabeth seems to believe she knows the truth of what her son is, and the truth is world's away from what the prosecution is saying.

Valle's mom went on to say:

It is a difficult time but we’re holding up okay. It gives me great strength knowing that when the truth comes out my son will be okay. The truth will show what he really is and it’s not this… thing, people are saying. My son will be fine.

Well, it's unlikely her son will be fine. Even if all of his talk of cooking women is just "fantasy," as his defense team claims, who, exactly, is going to trust a man who fantasizes about this kind of twisted stuff? Either for as an employee -- especially a police officer!! -- or in a relationship or as a father?

Not to mention that Valle has more to answer for than just fantasy -- he had allegedly illegally accessed a law enforcement database in order to gather personal information on dozens of women. I doubt the NYPD will be putting him back on the beat any time soon.

I'm not going to judge a mom who defends her son no matter what -- perhaps, after all, this is the ultimate job of a mother. On the other hand, it's a thin line betweeen standing by your child and enabling him. I highly respect mothers who are able to look at their kids' behavior objectively and say, "This is wrong." Like the mom who turned in her teen sons to authorities when she suspected they had something to do with the murder of Autumn Pasquale. Or the mother who turned in her son in the murder of Jessica Ridgeway. I highly respect these moms because this must have been the most difficult decision they ever made -- but they did it for the good of society.

I'm not saying Elizabeth Valle doesn't have the right to defend her son -- maybe she knows something or thinks she knows something -- that the rest of us don't. However, on the face of it, this looks painfully like a mother in denial. But who can blame her? This is a mother's worst nightmare.

Do you think moms should always defend their children no matter what they do?

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Sarah UsedtobeZech Cone

I think at first a mother's normal reaction would be, "No, my baby could NEVER do this" so I totally understand why this mother is in denial...but hopefully, for her own health, she comes to see reality soon.No, I don't think parents/mothers should "cover" for their kids or make excuses for them.How does that help your kid,exactly? Yeah, it doesn't. If you know your kid has done something wrong it's your job to make sure they know that what they did was wrong and that there are consequences for it. You cheat them and society when you don't make them take responsibility for themselves and their actions. As for your adult children, you can't cover for them either.As an adult they certainly know right from wrong and the same applies for not making excuses for their mistakes&for making them take responsibility.I hope this guy NEVER gets out from behind bars again.I'm sorry mama, but your son is fucked in the head AND a danger to society, BIG TIME.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

You know how we are supposed to go to the dentist every 6 months? I think everyone should get a psych evaluation every 6 months.

Valerie Valle

Yeah fucking right lady. She's probably the type of mom in denial about her kid acting up in school: "Oh no, that wasn't my angel!!"

Valerie Valle

You nailed it- defend VS enable. It would be bad parenting to defend NO MATTER WHAT. So if i were to commit a WRONG act and planned it all out, my mom sure as hell wouldnt defend me. It would be a disservice to defend wrong acts of your own child.

tuffy... tuffymama

I love my children. I would die for them, or even kill for them if it came to it. But I'm no dope. My mom had to transcribe some court tapes for Ted Bundy's last trial years ago, and his poor mom was so delusional; the things she said about him! I don't think I could ever be that foolish. At least, I hope not.

curio... curious1145

Pinkmani, I love that! Our dental health only affects us,but our mental health affects everyone around us as well. So it may sound silly,but with how unstable many people are or become,it makes absolute sense!

Tara Anastazia Von Fridrich

Valerie Valle, are you related? I just noticed you share the same last name. And I 100% agree about the phsyc evaluation. Unforunately, there are alot of mothers out there who enable bad behavior. 

jrseden jrseden

sarah ive been mother 24 yrs, have 3 children & NEVER once even thot nor said "not MY kid" & made point not to do so. u cant forget theyre human. especially whn young, all do dumb or horrible things. i always approached allegations open minded & heard all sides. i have & will, however, always stand by my children & support them. altho may do things i dont approve. its the act i dont love, not them. pinkmani, i think ur onto something. i also think basic structure of AA, Alanon & Alateen shld b taught in jr high. really examine serenity prayer thats programs "theme" & wat it actually says. its programed to build inner strength, to not act on impulse, gives tools to build solid foundation for character, acceptance of imperfections within self & others. to handle lifes hardships & our mistakes in healthy & positive manner. and the understanding of all these things....living tools & supplies. we dont teach young people how to handle life itself. thats a mistake! as for mental exam....hell yeah! wld benefit them & well as others around them. mental issues must b diagnosed & treated for their sake first & foremost. whn u see dr for say neck pain ur there for treatment to manage or fix cause. so u can handle problem to enable normal living. same concept. something to think about.

DebaLa DebaLa

She's not just defending her son, she's defending herself. She knows his childhood and her parenting will come into question.

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