Black Friday Crazy Mass Chaos Caught on Camera (VIDEOS)

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Soooooo Black Friday (of the soul) has barely started and already there are arrests, injuries, and mass chaos. Reports of Black Friday madness include:

- Fights in a WalMart line for $5 headphones

- A woman is arrested after throwing merch on the floor in a WalMart in Florida

- A cashier who passed out at a Dick's store in Alaska

- 11,000 people lined up at the Macy's store in New York City

- A brawl broke out at a JC Penney in Michigan

- A man pulled a gun in a store in Texas

People are posting video of the melees on YouTube, as they do every year. You can see people pushing, shoving, screaming, tearing at each other -- for $5 headphones!

Stores opened earlier than last year, and people in line waiting said they rushed directly from the dinner table to the nearest sale. Others skipped Thanksgiving with their families altogether so they could get in line early.

You know, I just don't get this whole thing. Is a $5 pair of headphones worth not only your safety but your dignity as a human being? I guess in a lot of circles, it is. I wonder how many of these people have anti-depressants in their cabinets at home. Hmmm, could it be that a pair of on-sale headphones does not actually enrich your life and fulfill your soul?

Anyway ... back to the sales. Look, people, there are sales all year long. And Black Friday sales are notoriously not as good as the hype would have you believe. So I think there's something more going on here -- and it's that people enjoy all of this chaos. They enjoy the excitement of not knowing whether they will get those price-reduced towels or that on-sale TV. They probably even enjoy the opportunity of going and arguing with perfect strangers. Somewhere to take out their anger rather than the usual victims (i.e. spouse and kids).

That said, overall, reports say that the crowds were essentially peaceful. But giving up time with your family to snag $100 off on a camera? Giving up your peace of mind and the safety of your person so you can get a gift card with your purchase? You can't take it with you, people.

Did you see any Black Friday chaos -- like this?

Or this?

Images via YouTube

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Jacqueline Stevason

Just... wow. I've only gone Black Friday shopping once (last year), and that was only because my stepdad wanted company when he went to buy a laptop for my mum. Being from Canada, it wasn't nearly as busy as some places in the states, and it was incredibly easy. The staff came outside to the waiting lineup and asked everyone what they were here to buy. Any big ticket items (ie, tvs, video game consoles, computers, etc) that you were interested in, they gave you a corresponding ticket. When you got into the store, you brought your ticket to the appropriate table and they gave you the item you were looking to buy in exchange for your ticket. This way, when they sold out, they could let people know BEFORE they got into the store.

Mommy... Mommy2justone

Just amazing.
I can't imagine treating complete strangers like that just to get a "Thing".

Craft... CraftyJenna

I didn't go, but one of my friends did this year, and she said at the store she went to it was busy but not crazy. Everyone stood in line, got tickets for the big ticket items, and then bought their stuff. She was done in a few hours, and said there were only a few wierd people but they didn't start fights or hurt anyone. IDK, I've gone before a few years ago, and found it incredably stressfull. 

nonmember avatar Pam

Watch the tall black man in the stripped shirt and glasses on his head. He is clearly pick pocketing! At one point you can see his left hand angle down for the front pocket. And as he is adding to the pushing for distraction he is also setting the guy in the angle he needs to steal from him! Everyone is reaching overhead for the product and he is reaching down. He should be arrested!!!

Indig... IndigoRose

Insanity.  I need tires for my Jeep, ---and, they're on sale for $79.00 as compared to the regular price at Walmart of $106.00.  Yes, that's quite a savings.  But, the sale starts at 5:00 a.m. (special Black Fri. hours) and the lines, the clerks said, last year stretched all around the building.  No thanks.  Not worth it for also maybe getting trampled and hurt.  How nuts...

Sarah UsedtobeZech Cone

Many words come to mind: ***Insane,sad,pathetic,disappointing,disgusted and happy&thankful-that-my-ass-stayed-home-and-doesn't-want-or-need to participate-in-such-absolute-greed-and-ridiculousness or give up my decency in how I treat people for a "good deal".***                                                                       Whatever...if you wanna go do it then good luck and God speed; I am not judging you.You are very brave. I'm just saying that for me, it isn't worth it AT ALL.We give presents for the holiday but we don't focus on or make them top priority.   ***AND BTW- the first part of my statement is NOT a blanket statement for ALL who participate in the black friday sales, it's for the people and crowds that get out of control;push,scream,fight, etc...just to be clear. :)

Sirena Robinson

My husband and I went this morning, and it was fine. We only went to two stores, Walmart last night at 8 to pick up a mattress topper and new sheets for US, and Sam's Club this morning to get phones for my Mom and I. We got there only an hour early, there were about 40 people ahead of us. They brought us coffee and cinnamon rolls, and everyone got tickets for what they wanted. They had plenty for the people there before it opened, and everyone was oderly. The manager let 15 people in every 10 minutes, and there were no issues. I don't know where all this craziness is, because in Jackson, Ohio, everyone is respectful and cordial. There were no issues whatsoever.

jalaz77 jalaz77

What's in the yellow box anyways?? This is insane and I think it's sooo pathetic that stores opened even earlier on thanksgiving. I refuse to be part of that.

loveb... lovebears65

One reason I never shop at Walmart lol.. Go to Best buy they hand out tickets for the hot items

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