Horrific 100 Car Pileup Leaves 2 Dead, 80 Injured & Many Others Stranded (VIDEO)

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Thanksgiving morning turned tragic for plenty of motorists who were traveling on I-10 in Texas, when just after 8:00 a.m., well over 100 cars were involved in a massive pileup accident.

The crash occurred on a stretch of the interstate between Taylor Bayou and Hampshire Road in Jefferson County, which is approximately 80 miles east of Houston.

Two people, a man and a woman, have been reported dead after the accident, and at least 80 other people were injured. And understandably, plenty of other travelers were left shaken, scared, and in a state of shock over witnessing the entire scene.

Ok, so how exactly did this happen, and why were so many vehicles involved?

Well, according to Deputy Rod Carroll of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department:

The cause of the accident was a heavy fog bank rolled into this area this morning, which caused nobody to be able to see and caused one accident that triggered another accident and then a chain reaction. Even as the deputies were pulling up we still had a continuous chain of accidents.

Take a look at this video to hear more about what happened, and also see the extent of just how terrible the accident was.


OMG. Those poor people! It's just so awful that something as simple as traveling to visit loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving can turn tragic all in a matter of minutes. I guess it just goes to show you that no matter how careful you are on the road, sometimes the circumstances are out of your control. (So scary.)

Honestly, it's a miracle that more people didn't lose their lives, considering just how many vehicles were involved. But my heart goes out to the family of the two who were killed and all those who were hurt. I can't imagine hearing worse news on Thanksgiving.

Have you ever run into fog so dense you could barely see a few feet in front of you?


Image via ABCNews

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quinn007 quinn007

A similar incident happened to me 10 years ago, that one was black ice on an exit ramp.  You couldn't see the cars flying off the freeway until it was too late.  I crashed into 3 other cars, thankfully I was able to get out before another car came.  The police had everyone standing as far away as possible and all we could do is stand there & watch with dread as car after car came around the bend.  My car was totaled but I was lucky, 1 person died and many, many were injured.  To this day I do not know why the police did not put up flares, close the exit, or do something to warn drivers.  It took a few years for me to be able to comfortably drive in cold weather. 

nonmember avatar Molly

This is definitely tragic... but some of those cars are DEMOLISHED... if the fog was so bad, WHY drive fast enough to be smashed that hard?? I feel like careless driving had as much to do with this as the fog

Pinkmani Pinkmani

I spoke with a Texan friend of mine, and according to her Texans always drive crazily no matter what the conditions are. 

kever... keversole

I hate driving in TX bc they drive very fast and very close to each other.  This very sad but it does not suprise me at all. 

Tammy Simpson

yes about 11 years ago now i came into a type of fog that youcouldnt see throigh what so ever the semi that was in front of me was going to the side of the road pulling over to stop the semi in back of me came barreling through and before we got all the way over she hit me into the one in front of me and then anotrher semi hit me and drug my car under neath his trailpor for a quater of a mile so it then started a pile up of 4 semis my car and 4 other's my child was killed and i was left in a cxoma paraylized and that was after work on my way home after picking up my child at my mom's on my way home to my other 2 kidsthat was nov,15 so this time of year people get stupaid on the roads and the weather gose nut's so i do know it dose happen.

Brady... Bradyboy2005

I live in Florida and the drivers down here go 90 on the freeway and fly around you if you are going the speed limit, the semis do it to.  It does not matter what the weather is they all drive very crazy on the freeway.  I am terrified to drive on the freeway so I try never to unless I abosloutely have to I will take the Highway instead of the Freeway.


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