Family Dog Saves Baby From Kidnapper (VIDEO)

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When pit bulls attack, it's all over the press. When they save, we sometimes hear about it. But in this case, it appears a family pit bull saved a baby from being kidnapped, yet the stories I'm reading about this amazing act of heroism merely refer to the dog as a "dog." Kind of unfair! The dog surely looks like a pittie. But let's get to the story.

Nayeli Garzon-Jimenez was at home with her 3-month-old baby girl in Indianapolis when two robbers reportedly broke in looking for money. When they didn't find that, the mom says the female robber snatched Nayeli's baby from her arms and tried to run out the back door. But her kidnapping attempt was foiled ... by the family pooch.

Nayeli says that the intruders were trying to break into her home when she called her husband, Adolfo Angeles-Morales, who was at work, in a panic. Her husband then heard the sound of smashing glass as the burglars broke in.

They told Nayeli they wanted "money, money!" but when Nayeli, who only speaks Spanish, tried to tell them she didn't have any, the woman snatched her baby out of her arms. When Nayeli grabbed the woman's shirt and tried to fight to get her baby back, the male robber smacked her on the head with a pistol.

At this point, the female intruder ran for the back door -- baby girl in her arms. But that's when she got a surprise. The family's gray pit bull was there and refused to let the woman leave. Said Adolfo:

She try to run away through the back door, but one of the doggies -- he didn’t let her go through the back door.

The woman then ran back through the house and, in the process, tossed the baby back at her mother. The intruders then made their escape -- with no money and no baby, thanks to the family pooch.

Perhaps the original reporter on the story didn't ask what breed the dog was, which is why it's not included in the story. If it is a pit -- and it sure looks like it -- it would be nice if this breed gets some of the credit it deserves. Either way, what a good dog!

Do you think the media didn't say this was a pit on purpose? Has your dog ever saved you or your child?

Mother: suspects rob home, try to steal baby

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Tashinha Tashinha

So glad to see a good story posted about a pitie. =) they really are the most amazing dogs! <3

nonmember avatar Christie

Sounds to me like the owner called it a doggie so the reporters are too. The people out there who think pit attacks are sensationalzed ( I am sure ) have never had their beloved family pet take a chunk out of their 2 year old daughter's face like I did. No she didn't lock her jaws and rip like a lot of people say they do, but this dog was like a second child to us, we raised her from 5 weeks old in a home full of love and affection, she was the best, my daughter used to play with her all the time. One time they were in the room with me together and the dog went for my daughter's plate, when my daughter went to shoo her away like she has done so many time in the past this time the dog turned and bit down on her face. As soon as she did it you could tell she knew she did wrong, but the damage was done and the dog had to go.

nonmember avatar Christie

(cont'd) I was a huge pit bull supporter before this happened, and I'd be on these blogs berating people about what they think about them, saying how my pit bull was such a big baby she'd never hurt anyone, until she bit my daughter. I have a golden now, and there is no fear there, but let me see a pit and I am turning the other way. Don't get me wrong I don't think the dogs are all bad, but they are high-strung and I feel they belong in adult-only households because they do find it tough being "under" a kid in the family pecking order, they feel superior to all kids and most adults. They belong in adult-only households and with assertive adults only, they can sense weakness and will lash out at some point.

blue82 blue82

Pit dog or not and the negativity about them this dog saved the baby girls life definitely the babys Angel

Flori... Floridamom96

Will wonders never cease? Kiri and I agree on something! ;()

lasombrs lasombrs

our german shepard would put her life between our kids and anyone in the blink of an eye.

Sirena Robinson

Pit bulls are wonderful, gentle, loving dogs. I rescued one several years ago who is now living with my cousin and her two sons. She takes wonderful care of her family. I have a 13 year old labrador and a 4 year old labrador, and they have both saved me. My 13 year old defended me against a stalker when I was in college and against a man who pulled a knife on me on the street. My four year old guarded me from a drunk lunatic trying to break into my hotel room last year. I doubt I'd still be alive without my dogs. I now have a one year old daughter, and they are the best, most wonderful companions for her. They would die for her, I have no doubt of that, and I'm sure many people would call me stupid, but I trust them both with her. She gets in their crate, climbs on them, lays on them, and they don't ever even move a muscle. I could never imagine life without my furbabies!

nonmember avatar Jill

Pssss . . . Goldens bite too. A 2 year old is not old enough to "shoo" a dog away from food, period. Dog and child should have never been put in that situation.

tuffy... tuffymama

Oh God. This hurts my stomach! I'm glad I have guns loaded and ready. I doubt my beagles would scare anyone into retreating.

tuffy... tuffymama

Golden Retrievers are at the top of the list of dogs that bite. Just saying. (But I'm still not having a pitbull in my house.)

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