San Francisco Bans Public Nudity & Brings On the Naked Crazies (VIDEO)


nude protesterWell I never! San Francisco has voted to ban public nudity. Now where are people supposed to get their exhibitionist rocks off? I mean, what's next, San Francisco? Forcing everyone to don pinstripe suits and act like their freakin' parents?!?

Oh wait, the nudies are the old folks now. And it sounds like the young'uns are rebelling and saying NO, GRANDPA, nobody wants to see your nuts next to the nuts at the grocery store.

Did I mention this legislation was introduced by city supervisor Scott WIENER? Perfect. Anyway, the supervisors voted in favor of the city ordinance, but it's still not a done deal. Which means: Bring On the Nude Protestors!

Naturally (get it? NATURAL, heh heh), this new ban is not sitting well with the dedicated nudists of San Francisco. This violates their freedom of expression! This is just the prudification of America! Everyone knows little kids are perfectly fine with seeing adult naked bodies in public and it's not at all traumatic for them!


At the vote a handful of protesters leaped out of their trench coats and nakeded themselves in opposition. I guess San Francisco authorities are used to this sort of thing, so they were ready with blankets. But of course, it was too late. Wiener saw wieners. Everyone saw wieners. 

Anyway, it's the end of an era. I'm not personally against public nudity for moral reasons myself, but I'm not a big fan of it, either. (It's never the ones you want to see naked who become nudists, know what I mean?) I just think if most of the people in a city don't want to see genitals in public, folks should be respectful of their wishes. No one HAS to be naked in public.

And can I just say? I've been in San Francisco in the summer and I can't fathom why anyone would want to be naked there. It's so freakin' cold there! I don't think I've spent a warm moment in San Francisco ever in my entire life. I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to be wearing at least one sweater and a thick parka at all times. 


What do you think of San Francisco's proposed public nudity ban?


Image via CBS5

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Vegeta Vegeta

Except for sanitary reasons (sitting your naked junk where somebody else's has been) I don't see a problem with walking around naked. Those tribes in new guinea and other places are naked and it dosent ruin their day. Scottish berzerkers went around naked. It's really not a big deal.

doodl... doodlebut

Ewe,I don't want to see a bunch of naked people when I go places.

ethan... ethans_momma06

I think it's funny that people always say that they don't want naked bodies allowed because it's not the ones THEY WANT to see.

I'm for allowing nudity, although I'd never go nude in public.

Akash... AkashaGermaine

It's not a big deal until your husband drives through the Castro and your five year-old daughter sees. Then there are all sorts of uncomfortable questions.

fave82 fave82

I would have an issue with public nudity. The sanitation issue is gross and also i dont want my daughter to be eye level with some dudes schlong.. And also, if some guy gets aroused, whole other issue!

Felly... FellyScarlett

Sorry, I don't want my kid to see a bunch of dicks and vaginas hanging out.

ethan... ethans_momma06

Yes. Gawd forbid children learn anatomy! What are you going to tell them if they see one!?!


Most people who walk around nude in public who are sane, and not on drugs- are not walking around with an erection.

I almost feel like the responses to this warant a nude movement.

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