Woman Posts Stunningly Disrespectful Photo of Herself at Arlington Cemetery

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lindsey stoneEver regret posting a photo to Facebook? Not STFU-Parents-mock-you regret, I mean OMG, this may have ruined my life regret? Well, consider poor Lindsey Stone. She just might have sunk her whole professional and social life with one incredibly foolish photo.

It all started one day when Lindsay took an employee trip to Arlington National Cemetery (she works for LIFE, a nonprofit that houses adults with disabilities). She saw a sign requesting "Silence and Respect" and just couldn't resist poking a little fun at it. So she had a co-worker photograph her next to the sign, pretending to yell and flip the bird at the sign. And the rest, my friends, is tragic Internet history.

Of course Lindsey posted the photo on Facebook because she thought her friends would appreciate the joke. Instead she got a lot of outraged comments. So she tried to difuse the situation by posting an explanation.

Whoa whoa whoa... wait. This is just us, being the douchebags that we are, challenging authority in general. Much like the pic posted the night before, of me smoking right next to a no smoking sign. OBVIOUSLY we meant NO disrespect to people that serve or have served our country.

And her friends were like, what do you mean, "us douchebags?!?" (Inching away from Lindsey like she just farted.) Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey. SIGH.

Her little "hey, I was just joking!" came too late. A former service-member grabbed the photo and started a "Fire Lindsey Stone" Facebook page. The page has 7,521 "likes" as of this writing. Gulp. This morning a representative of LIFE released a statement saying that Leslie and her photographing colleague have been put on unpaid leave

Now the question: Does Lindsey deserve to be fired over this? Should this dumbfoundingly foolish act turn her life upside-down? I don't think we know enough about Lindsey and the kind of work she did for LIFE to pass that judgement. It's up to LIFE to make that decision -- and they certainly wouldn't want to appear to be bending to the will of people who know her only by this one incredibly stupid, ill-advised photograph.

But let this be a lesson to you kids! Post shit like this and it could bite you in the ass. The age of privacy is over. It's sad, but true. But you know what? The people who most need this warning are the foolish ones who come up with flipping-off-Arlington-Cemetery ideas in the first place. I'd like to think someone out there is going to learn something from this, but it'll happen again I'm sure.

Do you think Lindsey Stone deserves to be fired over this photograph?


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tuffy... tuffymama

I would like to fire her from her citizenship. Not everyfuckingthing is a damn joke. My grandfather lost nearly every boyhood friend in WWII; two of them were blown to chunks right in front of him on board their ship, and he suffered injuries. This bitch needs to gain some real perspective and show some respect.

tuffy... tuffymama

And I would fire her.

bills... billsfan1104

I dont think it would of been so bad if she was just yelling. But it is pretty sad that our National Cemetery has to have signs like that.

I think she should apologize, but only after she is really truly sorry. She shouldnt lose her job over this. Being an Army brat and having generations serve, I am offended by this, but I wouldnt want her fired for a boneheaded mistake.

IKnow... IKnow0101

Well I will say it again. Stop posting everything on FB.  In reality though should she be fired from her job?  No I betting she is feeling embarrassed and appalled at her behavior.

nonmember avatar Robin

Don't you mean defuse instead of diffuse?

missusmc missusmc

This happened when she was on the job.  Yes, she should be fired. 

Carmen Ruth

If she was stupid enough to post something like this and call it funny, then she can handle the consequences.  I don't know if she should be fired, but she definitely showed a lack of good judgment and moral character.

Caitlin Sailors

no she should not fucking be fucking fired. seriously? its a JOKEEE.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

It's just a sign. If she had been doing something stupid at a grave site like making lewd gestures at the grave of someone with an amusing name like Major Boner then I could see people getting up in arms and she would definitely apologizing for that, especially to the family, but pretending to yell by a sign requesting silence really isn't a big deal.

xiolxuo xiolxuo

This is not a joke. 1- she was working; absolutely unprofessional. 2- she was stupid enough to post it online, which makes her even more of an idiot, 3- this is plain disrespectful. Those who are backing her up should feel ashamed of themselves.

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