'Subway Perv' Admits to Grotesque Crime Against 14-Year-Old Girl & Walks Away Scot-Free

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subwayThis makes me so mad I could spit. Jason Mack, also known as the "Subway Perv", admitted to drunkenly masturbating on a 14-year-old girl while riding the 1 train in Manhattan ten years ago. DNA linked him to the crime back in 2009, and yesterday, Mack finally stood in front of the judge. Justice was about to be served! This guy was finally going to get what's coming to him! Hope you like jail, buddy!

Or, not. The case was dismissed.

The judge dismissed the misdemeanour sex abuse charge because it took too long for the prosecution to bring the case to trial. Oh, surprised it was only a misdemeanour? Yeah, well, Mack spent the last couple years fighting his way to the top of the city's court system and got his charge downgraded from a felony because he didn't touch anyone.


Asked how he felt after his case was dismissed, the 250-pound city janitor said "I feel great," and his lawyer explained that this was the outcome they were hoping for since "this had been an over-indictment."

I'm sorry, but screw the statute of limitations on this sicko. I cannot believe that he got off scot-free for just such a gross crime. That poor girl. And the fact that he admitted to it just rubs salt in the wound. Isn't there any restitution? Is there really nothing to be done? Can't we slap this guy with at least 100 hours of community service in a morgue or something? It kind of worked for Lindsay Lohan, who sounds equally against assuming any responsibility for errors in judgement and/or major or minor crimes. Is there no way to force this guy to spend time with dead people?

The worst part about this is that it just doesn't sound like this guy's remorseful at all. Who knows, maybe he's been torturing himself for the last decade over his despicable action, or maybe he's just been shrugging and smiling his way through our legal system, taking advantage of every available out the time-lapse has presented.

I know the kids these days are saying it, so I'll give it a try: Shaking my head.

Can you believe this?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

absolutely disgusting. he 'fought' his charges down to a misdemeanor. deplorable. granted, him sitting in a cell is no better - i'm all for him doing at least some community service or something! this is why our justice system is broken. there is NO justice in this situation.

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

I hope some big, fat guy masturbates on HIM. Lets see how he feels about it. If I was the mom of that 14 yr old girl, I would probably recruite someone to do just that. What a scumbag

Heather Jones

Okay, seriously was with you right up until you mentioned his weight and job. Which had absolutely no bearing on his actions that night. Think before you type okay? People are more than a number on a scale or the job they perform to provide for themselves and their families. And bringing those two up like you did just makes you sound snobbish and judgmental.

tuffy... tuffymama

Hmmm. He's a pervert who HAPPENS TO BE a fat slob and ALSO a janitor. Does that make it better?

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

Seriously? One more thing thats fucked up about our "justice" system. When someone admits to a crime, they should NOT be allowed to "fight it" and have it lowered. Freaking ridiculous! he should have been found guilty. Way to go judge. *eye roll*

nonmember avatar Marissa

Many prosecutors overcharge intentionally, as apparently happened here. The charges must have been reduced by a judge who agreed that the charges were not proper. Had the prosecutors not fought the results, they would have brought him to trial in time. Yes, he deserves severe punishment for such a despicable act. But the prosecutors here are the ones responsible for him getting away.

Felly... FellyScarlett

10 years from now this guys gonna be a rapist and people are going to say "where were the signs!!"

Char_... Char_gal4

I say for pervs and creeps, this is a punishment.

A 'kick me' sign on the crotch.  Unless he or she is into that.

gem09... gem092011

While I agree that this guy is a total creeper and deserves some seriously bad karma, I don't believe in judges advocating from the bench, so I think he (the judge) did the right thing. It's unfortunate, but if the law as it currently stands does not allow for punishment because of the statute of limitations, then change the LAW through the proper legislative measures. I don't believe in disregarding the law whenever you feel like it.

nonmember avatar Christie

@Heather Jones ... I don't think it was a dig because he's fat, I think listing is weight was a way to show how big and intimidating he'd be to a little 14 year old girl.

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