NYC Serial Killer Could Be Committing a String of Hate Crimes (VIDEO)


serial killer brooklynWhenever you hear about a serial killer on the loose, you probably think in terms of someone who is an absolute madman. A Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy, etc. Not necessarily someone who could be committing a series of ... hate crimes. But that could very well be what's going on in Brooklyn, where three storekeepers -- all of Middle Eastern descent -- have been shot dead in the last five months. Horrifying.

The most recent death was that of 78-year-old Rahmatollah Vahidipour, a Jewish man from Iran who was shot in his women's clothing boutique in Brooklyn, late on Friday of last week. The other victims -- Mohamed Gebeli, an Egyptian immigrant and a Muslim, and Isaac Kadare, also Egyptian but Jewish -- were shot on July 6 and August 2 respectively. Police have linked all three murders to the same .22-caliber gun.

It sounds like hate crime is not at all out of the question, but there's another bizarro aspect here: New York newspapers have been noting that the killer appears to be obsessed with the number eight, which "features in all three murder scene addresses." Huh ... Not so sure that has anything to necessarily do with the killer's motive, though, right?

As for that, there's always the chance that we're just overthinking this, and the storekeepers' backgrounds may really just be an unnerving coincidence. That's because police say robbery hasn't yet been excluded as the killer's main motive ... 

But to think that these murders could have been hate crimes really does take the concern to a whole different, worrisome level. Thankfully, detectives who specialize in hate crimes and FBI analysts who specialize in behavioral analysis have joined the case, according to authorities. So one way or the other, regardless of his motives, let's hope the killer is found and taken off the streets ASAP.

Here's a local news report on the murders ...



Do you think these murders may have been hate crimes?

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Pinkmani Pinkmani

I really hope this isn't because these business owners are of Middle Eastern descent or because they think they are linked to terrorists. I just wish people would judge others on the content of their character not the color of their skin. 

nonmember avatar Ari

I wanted to question the phrasing of your first statement here by saying that it is a sign of mental anguish if ANYONE kills ANOTHER human being. Sure, maybe the killers you mentioned had a higher degree of mental disturbance (read: neuro-chemical imbalance) or at least those recognizing that these serial killers have/had (or ever have/had) the normal range of emotion (humanit) that prevents one to commit such crimes towards another human being in the first place, despite the rampant belief - nay, assumption, that every killer has some kind of justifying and definitely more believable reasons to commit these acts, like perhaps as a result of specific personal grievance towards the victim and subsequent anger/hatred which fueled the murder of that individual.
As for your shock regarding the implication that these killings were a direct result of the killer's (wrong) assumption of a similar look, similar ethnicity and most likely, similar skin colour, I have to say that hate crimes can occur anywhere at any time towards anyone, the most recent case occurring at a Sikh temple in Milwaukee, WI, which I think generally speaking, was easily believable as a hate crime.

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