Teen Allegedly Uses a Doll to Show in Graphic Detail How She Murdered Her Newborn Baby

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Cassidy GoodisonA 14-year-old girl, Cassidy Goodison, has told in horrifying detail of the moment, after months of disguising the pregnancy from her parents, she secretly delivered her baby with a pair of scissors into the toilet before strangling the 9.5-pound newborn and hiding the body in a shoe box under a pile of wet laundry.

After being arrested and demonstrating on a doll to authorities how she killed her baby, she has been charged as an adult with first-degree murder, following months of disguising the pregnancy from her parents.

I’m not sure what’s going on in the world these days, but it feels like every other day, I am reading about some teenager disguising her pregnancy and killing the baby to hide the evidence or some mom who flips out and kills her child. When did babies become disposal? What the hell is wrong with our society?

This story is particularly shocking to me because how does one deliver a 9.5-pound baby by herself into the toilet, check that the baby is alive, and then proceed to strangle the baby and check again that the baby is dead? Why bother even checking? What kind of psychotic disconnect must one be undergoing to hold a baby that big in their arms and then proceed to take its life?

I can’t make sense of it and I am glad of that. There are so many women in the world who want nothing more than to have a child or would have given the world to be able to have held their children who died, and this girl threw her baby in the garbage.

Where were the adults in the girl’s life? Family members tried to broach the subject that they suspected the girl was pregnant, but her mother was in denial. It’s as if her parents felt if they ignored the problem long enough, it would go away, and it did. 

You can’t tell me that her parents didn’t know. She is 14; they live in the same house. You would notice if your 14-year-old were pregnant. There are signs. The world has failed this girl and society has failed her child. This girl, in my humble opinion, is a sociopath and needs to be locked up forever. She took a life and seems to have no remorse.

Do you think this girl should be tried as an adult or should society take mercy on her because she is so young?


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Pinkmani Pinkmani

I feel bad for her because she wasn't close enough to her parents to tell them about the pregnancy. I wonder if she consented to having sex or not. 

Dqnana Dqnana

There was an OCEAN of silence and distance between this girl and her parents. Family members say "they tried" to tell the parents???  Can't believe they tried very hard.  She doesn't look like an enormous girl ... I can't believe she concealed a whopping 9 lb baby very well. What about the teachers at school??  Did they not notice that this girl was pregnant?  EVERYONE let this child down. 

nonmember avatar Sam

Society makes babies disposable by saying its ok to have a abortion if your not ready get rid of "it" but in the next breath have a bleeding heart for inmates put to death. Hmmmmm innocent baby= kill it & murderer or rapist = innocent victim wrongly imprisoned. Americans have backward beliefs, go with what's popular & screw having morals.

miche... micheledo

I have to wonder what kind of life this girl led that she could do something like this.  I'm not saying her past is to blame, but I'm guessing it influenced her.  :(  It's just so sad.  First of all, a young girl like that should never have been having sex, shouldn't have been pregnant, and shouldn't have even  THOUGHT of murdering the little child.  She looks like such a child herself.  

Maevelyn Maevelyn

I just want a time machine. I feel so bad for that poor baby. 

Sarah UsedtobeZech Cone

I do feel sorry for this girl or any girl who feels they have to hide their pregnancy. That being said I also feel that responsibility must be taken and fitting consequences dealt out. Is it scary being pregnant?YES.Is it even scarier when you feel you have to hide it and you're a teenager?YES. Do you know that it's wrong to kill a baby,at ANY time, even at 14 yrs. old? YES.But also: should you know when your teen is pregnant, especially since there were outside sources telling you as much;at least be vigilant enough to look into it?YESBut. Let's not dishonor the innocent life that was taken by making excuses. I agree with the decision to try her as as adult but I also think the parents should be charged with accessory to the crime.

Brandy Wile

No sympathy here. Interesting fact though, when we refer to something like this as abortion, its legal but yet a doctor does the same thing she did.

shade... shade.lotus

Once again I'm ashamed at some of the comments. Did it cross anyone's mind that maybe she was scared? That maybe her own mother would have dome something similar to her has she told her mother she was pregnant? My mother told me(at 18) if she ever found out I was pregnant again ever that she would personally punch me in the stomach or find a flight of stairs to throw me down. I ended up not telling my mother I was pregnant until I was 2 weeks from my due date. Yes I hid it for that long, and yes I was living with her. Was I scared to tell her? Oh boy is that an understatement. In no way am I saying that what this girl did was ok, its not by any means. But she is still 14 and may have a bad background with her parents that are not well known and are hidden from public eye. She may just as well be a victim as much as the poor baby. I hope she finds help. And I hope she does feel terrible for what she did. It will haunt her eventually.

batman24 batman24

Death penalty should have been given.

Shanna84 Shanna84

There is obviously something mentally and emotionally wrong with this girl. So what the heck did her parents do to her? If they are able to ignore that she is pregnant then they must just be ignoring her in general. What is the person like, that raises a sociopath?

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