Oprah Sends Military Wives Into Frenzy With Trip to Fiji (VIDEO)


oprah's favorite things

When the Oprah Winfrey Show was on the air, the best show hands down had to be her annual Oprah's "Favorite Things" episode. What else could turn hundreds of typically demure grown-ups into a crazed, shrieking, shaking, excited mess? Well, it's back! The media queen has resurrected the once-annual tradition for an OWN special, this time surprising a group of unsuspecting military spouses.

What a wonderful way to honor these families. The lucky audience members were chosen by friends in their communities. The look on their faces is priceless as they realize the subject of the show. A couple of women even go airborne. Among the gifts they took home: Elliptical machine, motorized bicycle, a hi-def TV, Jessica Simpson shoes, and a trip for two to Namale Resort & Spa in Fiji. Pretty awesome haul!

Needless to say, there were tears of joy. In fact, several of the women revealed that they had never been on a honeymoon and this would finally help them fulfill that longtime dream. Such a wonderful moment for these women and for viewers too. It makes me wish I could do something something for a military spouse (on a much, much smaller scale, of course). Most of us can't imagine the emotional toll of having a husband or wife fighting a deadly war. As far as I am concerned, they deserve a little special treatment, something that acknowledges that we know they are making huge sacrifices too.

The two-hour episode airs November 23 at 9 p.m. on OWN. Take a sneak peek at their shocked and delighted faces:

What are other ways we can honor military families?

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douxm... douxmusique

We can honor them by accepting them into communities that aren't military saturated, allowing new families to become actively involved in pta, church programs, athletics/dance clubs without having to prove their worth. That helps a lot.

At the 2011 cloth diaper exchange I was speaking with the owner of the local cloth store and asked if I could lead a babywearing group on the local installation, or if we could arrange a cloth class for the new military parents and she told me it was not worth it because military are too transient. It offended me and I've noticed this to be a general trend that we aren't accepted because we haven't in one spot long enough and won't be there long enough. Super discouraging.

David B Cordick

do you think that oprah actually cares about these military wives.  she stands with obama on all his policies, she just wants to get back in the public eye and start making money off of these foolish women again.  her network is on the skids, she need new subscribers, what better way than say she is going back to her old format for the show

nonmember avatar Jes

As a military wife that has been through 4 deployments as well as a 15.5 month unaccompanied tour in Korea, this is greatly appreciated. We as spouses often get over looked as our husband sustain the most direct of hardships. I will say however, that I'm not a big Oprah fan as I think she is too liberal etc, but it's great to see her doing something good for military

nonmember avatar Daphney Johnson

I think that is a great why to honor them. My husband is in the military and we also got married and never were able to go on honeymoon so that's really great that they're able to go on honeymoon and spend time together. If they're like our family we never get to spend any time together. My husband is in the Army National Guard and pretty much 90 percent of his time goes to his job. I know he would love to be at home and spend more time with us. I also know that he really loves his job. I'd really like to honor him because it wasn't for him I don't know where we be. he is a really good man and all he does is work and I'd like to do so much more for him he deserve so much for all that he has done for this country.

Sarah Pennington

Opra that's wonderful but better yet why don't you take your money and donate it to wounded woriors and help by donating it to the DoD budget so we aren't having to rely on a never gonna happen opportunity for all of us to be on tv and help us all out! I am very happy for these ladies I actually run with one of them she is wonderful the group raises a lot if money for charity for the base and others she deserves all she received!

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