Republicans Should Never Change Stance on Abortion

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pro-life marchSince Mitt Romney lost the presidential election a couple of weeks ago, conservatives have been contemplating what went wrong. Was it the mega Orca fail whale? Voter fraud? Big Bird?

Inevitably, we come to the big tent talk.

Here’s the thing: Republicans shouldn’t have to transition to liberal ideology to attract specific demographics. The concept of limited government and personal responsibility should appeal to everyone.

Conservative ideals should appeal to everyone, but for some reason, people get more caught up in free birth control than in freedom from an oppressive government. It’s like people have forgotten that a government big enough to provide you with everything is big enough to take it all away. 

Anyway. No matter who pays for your contraceptives, it’s clear that Republicans have some thinking to do regarding how they treat social issues.

I read this interesting article in the Wall Street Journal from a Republican female college student talking about the trajectory of the GOP. She argued (in one of my favorite lines I’ve read this week), “The GOP is like a supermodel who has been doing photo shoots under fluorescent bulbs without any makeup.”

The author pointed out that Republicans are losing votes because young voters view them as “social bigots.” She said, “As a member of this all-important demographic, I know that neither I nor (almost) anybody else coming of age today supports the Republican social agenda. That's the way the country is moving -- so just deal with it. Modernize and prioritize.” 

I agree with her -- to a point, at least. There are many ways I believe the GOP can embrace a more socially liberal model while retaining its core value of limited government intervention. For example: Gay marriage. Of course a person can believe that marriage is between one man and one woman and also not care if the state legally binds a gay couple together. It’s called freedom of choice, people. 

One thing I cannot get behind in this shift to the New GOP is the issue of abortion. I know that young people want their right to clear their uteruses of the “products of conception,” but once upon a time, people wanted their right to own slaves. Don’t impose your morality on me, they’d cry.

Here’s the thing about morality and other people: Your rights end when another person’s begin. Abortion isn’t about morality -- it’s about science. Like it or not, that’s a baby in there, complete with its very own DNA.

I’m all for pro-choice politics, but let’s be honest: The choice comes in at the sex part. If having a baby is such an awful, terrible idea, I suggest you religiously use both hormonal birth control and condoms. Or, you know, don’t have sex. It’s not like we’re animals and controlled by base urges.

Ok, fine. Let’s talk about rape. I believe this is the kind of thing one might call a compromise. How about we don’t outlaw abortion for rape or incest? The only lunatic talking along these lines is Todd Akin, and he does NOT speak for the majority of Republican women. Dude is an idiot, and no one is trying to outlaw abortion in the case of rape or incest.

Both Mitt Romney and Ann Coulter agree on not outlawing abortion for rape, so I think that pretty well represents both ends of the Republican spectrum.

Since we’re talking about what the vast majority of Republicans believe regarding reproductive rights, let me reiterate: 

No one is trying to outlaw birth control.

No one is forcing pregnancy upon women. 

No one is trying to put a federal ban on abortion.

Hopefully someday, no one will stand on his or her “moral” high ground talk about the right to kill an unborn child at its mother’s discretion just because she decides she doesn’t want to be pregnant anymore.

I will not stop fighting for the right to life for the unborn just because it’s the popular thing to do with young voters. Abortion isn’t a social issue; it’s a liberty issue. Babies are people too.

And hey, you know what’s great about the GOP? We won’t kick you out for disagreeing with one of our tenants. Because really ... the right to end the life of an unborn child shouldn’t trump the right to raise the ones we keep without tens of thousands of dollars in government debt on their heads. 


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nonmember avatar Carol

Thank you for having the courage to write this.

nonmember avatar Heather

They do need to change how they talk about rape in regards to abortion. And when I say "they," I mean the politicians that act in the name of speaking for their party.

nonmember avatar Tara

Hell must have frozen over, because FINALLY I hear my own voice on this uber liberal site. Way to go gained a fan.

marabie marabie

Babies are not people until they can thrive outside of the womb. It is ignorant to assume that because a person gets pregnant they didn't take precautions to avoid it. I am against abortion as birth control BUT if a baby being born will suffer which many do because their parents refuse adoption then why bring them into the world.

fave82 fave82

Love this. And @marabie, they are people. By your logic if someone gets in a car accident and is on life support they are no longer a person.

kelti... kelticmom

Jenny, I almost NEVER agree with you on anything, but I am with you 100% on this issue. Abortion is the intentional ending of a human life by it's own mother. It is entirely hypocritical that if a pregnant woman miscarries at 12 weeks, we say "she lost a baby" or if a drunk driver causes a woman to miscarry, they are charged with manslaughter, yet if a woman intentionally chooses to have her baby suctioned out, dissolved through chemicals, cut into pieces and vacuumed out, etc -- it's a "choice". Disgusting.

miche... micheledo

Good article.  

Interestingly enough, women who become pregnant from rape are much less likely to abort their child then any other mother.  And they are more likely to die from drug overdose, suicide, etc. after an abortion then those who get an abortion and weren't raped.  Now obviously the rape has a huge effect, but I believe abortion just compounds that for women.

It's still a child even if it is a product of rape.  Still another human that deserves LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

And please understand, I am looking at the big picture, not the individuals who have been faced with that decision.  I hate abortion, hate that it is an option.  But those I know who have had abortions - I love them.  Just like all my friends.    Abortion doesn't make you a terrible person in my mind.  Yes, I believe it was a wrong decision, but everyone I know has made those!

nonmember avatar Liz

Banning abortions does not decrease the rate at which they occur. It just sends them to the black market. Want to know what does decrease abortion rates? Access to free or reduced cost birth control and economic systems that support new parents. So if you REALLY want to save babies, you have to make it so that less people are having unexpected pregnancies or that unexpected pregnancies aren't seen as an impossible financial burden. Think of the drug war, just because it's illegal doesn't mean it isn't happening. So, if you're truly pro-life and not just anti-choice, you'll start looking for ways to actually decrease abortion and not just shout political rhetoric. As I said, making it illegal will not decrease the rate of abortions, because in countries where it is illegal, it still happens...a lot.

lulou lulou

From 1973?

wamom223 wamom223

Okay how is the entire Republican party missing what really happened.  First we let the Democrats give our party the image and didn't want to defend ourselves against the false attacks because 'the American people are smarter than that', well no they aren't.  Mitt Romney should have been louder and explained things a whole lot clearer. He should have yelled at the rooftops he was pissed at what those asshole congressman said but instead half the country thinks they had Romney's support.   I am Pro-life and I disagree with your idea.  If we out law abortion but only keep it legal for rape and incest how do we prove that.  True compromise means both parties come away either happy or disappointed.  At this point we know a baby can be save as early as 18 weeks and they will probably save babies even earlier soon, but I don't see it happening to babies 12 weeks and under.  We stop giving money to any providers of abortions to make the Republicans happy and keep abortion legal in the first trimester to make the liberals happy.  That would be a true compromise as both sides would be disappointed but it would give a little on each side.  I hate abortion and want no part of it but I know its not going away, but the first step we need to take is to stop letting the message be 'its a baby when the woman decides, before then its a fetus.'  

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