Man Sues Counselor for Having Affair With His Wife

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upset manIn a plot worthy of The Young & the Restless, a man is suing his marriage counselor who, instead of helping, had an affair with his wife.

Charles and Mary Elizabeth Airey went to sessions with therapist Amy Remmele for more than a year in an attempt to strengthen their marriage and get things back on track. Talking about their relationship and sex life, Charles said he had hoped they would rekindle the spark with some help. Well, Remmele helped all right -- she allegedly helped herself to his wife.

Despite the counseling, the couple called it quits and Mary Elizabeth served him divorce papers. Though the actual split wasn't nearly as shocking as whom his wife was moving on with. According to court documents, she confessed her affair with Remmelle and he found them in bed together at their home.

Now the heartbroken ex-husband is suing Remmele and her business Peak of Success. "I placed my trust in [Remmele] and anticipated that she would act with the highest integrity and loyalty to both me and my then-wife," he said in court papers. "Instead, rather than remain loyal to both me and my wife and help us strengthen our marriage, [she] breached this trust, began having a sexual relationship with my wife, and participated in the dissolution of our marriage."

For her part, Remmele denies even being a marriage counselor. "I never have held myself out as a marriage counselor, and I never have contracted to provide marriage counseling services," she responded to his claims. "I did not provide marriage counseling service to Mr. Airey at any time." Clearly this could potentially be a complicated court case since they disagree about the nature of the counseling.

But your therapist of any kind having an affair with your spouse is an incredible betrayal. It may not be illegal, but it's immoral. How is this any less wrong than an accountant stealing from you? Actually, it's worse. This is psychologically damaging. He put his trust in this women who he alleges was supposed to help repair his marriage. Who wants a therapist who could do something so despicable? I'm not sure if she will lose her license or credentials if she is found negligent, but her services should at least come with a warning!

Do you think this therapist did anything wrong?


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tuffy... tuffymama

Gross. Therapists and doctors who fuck their clients and patients are opportunists at best and predatory rapists at worst. Gross. Gross. Gross. That really violates so many codes; legal, ethical, moral, spiritual. Ugh. I hope he sues her skanky skirt off.

bills... billsfan1104

Lmao Tuffy. You dont mince words.

Porti... PortiaRose

"What?? I wasn't a therapist...."

nonmember avatar krelia

He got his money's worth. This counselor helped show the issue in their marriage :)

tbruc... tbrucemom

Maybe they were in counseling because the woman was gay and was married to a man....

wamom223 wamom223

I read the original article and the woman was a life coach, speaker and consultant but the judge says she portrayed herself as a marriage counselor and the case will go forward.  I don't think they should have trusted someone that there was no mention of training but people need to be held responsible for misleading the public for personal or financial gain.    However, krelia is right and the woman did help to show him his wife's true colors.

nonmember avatar Justme

Well, if the woman is gay, the marriage was a sham, and thus would have ended, anyway. However, what the "therapist' did was just wrong. Most legit counselors have rules about not dating clients, and it's for a good reason. They come to you because they need help in some way, and are vulnerable. Using the vulnerability for sex, or anything else, will just mess them up even more. At the very least, this woman needs a serious crash course in what it means to be a decent human being. If she was going around saying that she is something she wasn't (not a therapist, but claiming to be- and getting paid for it-) she should be sued for that, rightfully so. That's against the law.

nonmember avatar no-seriously

Poor guy, misread the sign outside her business.
It doesn't say "therapist", it says "the rapist"!

nonmember avatar Smitty

"Therapist" is also spelled "the rapist."

Patrick Perotti

If you look this woman up---Amy Remmele
she holds herself out as a professional
consulatant with her degree in psychology.

Interestingly, she notes that she is married
to a male, another doctor.

Bottom line, she crossed the line. It appears
she has a thriving, valuable practice and
this suit is going to cost her most of it.

She should have known better.

Thanks for listening.


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