Atheist 'Holiday Decorations' Really Aren't Sitting Well With Christians

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nativity sceneIt's that time of year again, everyone ... the time of year when people start hating each other even more than usual, thanks to holiday decorations. A group of Christians in Santa Monica, California are in a federal court today in regards to a lawsuit they've raised against their fair city -- their fair city that wouldn't allow them to display an elaborate 14-scene nativity for the holidays.

No, Santa Monica officials don't hate baby Jesus. They're not letting any religious (or non-religious) group display "holiday" decorations or scenes. Because, to put it bluntly, they're over it.


A little background information for you: Last year in Santa Monica, people entered a lottery to determine who would get to put up holiday displays in the 21 lots in one of the city's parks. Eighteen of the 21 spaces wound up going to atheists, who put up signs that read things like, "Religions are all alike. Founded upon fables and mythologies"; Christians won two spots, and a Jewish person won one. Needless to say, all was not calm during the month of December. Despite their efforts to be nonpartisan, city officials were accused of being anti-Christian. Hence, the lawsuit.

Here's what I think: I think everybody ought to fix themselves a nice tall glass of whiskey-spiked eggnog, or Manischewitz wine, or, hell, Zima, and simmer the crap down. Every single year, it's the same thing. This religious group hates this thing; another religious group hates another. It's ridiculous. November/December used to simply be a fun time of year where we eat more than usual and had time off from work. Now it's like a g.d. election. Santa Monica held a lottery (for decorations!), and that was the outcome. That's not being anti-anything, that's politics.

I honestly forgot about the "decor wars" until I came across this story, and I'm already dreading the annoying things to come. Each year, the arguing gets a little more elaborate, a little more nasty. Pretty soon, no one is going to be allowed to put up decorations anywhere, and we're all going to have to sit in our houses with our hands folded for a time out. 

Would I enjoy seeing a giant, 14-scene Nativity while walking through a park? Yeah, that would be a no. And it would definitely be a little jarring seeing the cheerful holiday signs the atheists "decorated" with. But I certainly wouldn't wage a war against it either. I mean, aren't we all exhausted from the election?

Do you get offended by holiday decorations?

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2boys... 2boysmama311

Oh my word! This is so ridiculous! I hate to break it to people, but Christmas is a holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus. All these people that have a problem with saying Merry Christmas, or having a nativity scene on display obviously have nothing better to complain about.  

I am going to guess that the very people that complain have a Christmas tree in their house, and/or give/receive presents, don't volunteer to work on Christmas, and have a Christmas dinner with family and friends. Therefore, they are celebrating Christmas. Again, the holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus. 

mustb... mustbeGRACE

What holiday are atheists celebrating?...

Right next to one that began centuries ago?

Somebody needs too much attention for themselves, like preteens do...............

nonmember avatar Tara

Sorry this author sounds like an utter idiot. Christmas will long outlive all of us, so those trying to secularize it entirely are facing a losing battle. Please do something more constructive with your time and "writing skills". I don't recall Christians demanding the menorah be taken down, and even the Jewish community in my neighborhood do not have a problem with the nativity. Get over your own neurosis and accept that it's here to stay.

woode... woodentorn

I'm always amused when people argue so passionately about Christmas being about the birth of Jesus since he was between September and October, most likely in October.

Joeli... JoeliePoelieMom

As long as I can still do whatever I want on my own private property, I don't care.  I'm a Christian and I firmly believe that I want government out of my religious business so that I can continue to believe in the Biblical truths.  Christians should realize that government staying out of religion actually protects their religious beliefs.  Do you really believe that our government will hold true to Biblical truths?  So, while I think it would be nice to have a nativity display in a city park, I will simply shrug my shoulders if it is not allowed.  It does NOT infringe on my rights, because I have no "right" to put up any decorations on city property anyway. 


silen... silentdreamer

I don't think it really matters when jesus was actually born. All that matters is december 25th is the day that was chosen to celebrate. If you dont believe inJesus don't celebrate Christmas, don't look at the decorations. I really don't understand why people hate so much during the holidays. If you dont agree or celebrate it, ignore it and let others that do alone. I'm not Jewish but you don't see me posting signs against they're holidays. Its unbelievable how awful people can be just bc they dont agree with someone

nonmember avatar Cass

Christmas is in December because that's when the Pagan festival of Saturnalia was. Christians at the time changed the date of Jesus's birthday to better coincide with Saturnalia and nudge the pagans into celebrating Jesus's birth. So no, nativity scenes don't belong at Christmas time. The trees are a Pagan tradition too, so it belongs more than a nativity scene does. I do find it a little odd that the lottery turned out that way, since atheists represent a smaller portion of the population than that sampling would suggest. Make no mistake, Tara- atheism is more prevalent now than at any time in our history. Perhaps it has something to do with Christians telling anybody who feels that religious decorations on city property are excluding us and making us feel unwelcome, to shut up and stand quietly in a corner somewhere. I wouldn't personally have put up the decorations the atheists did. Many of those are nothing but inflammatory and not in the Christmas spirit. Still, if the lottery was fair, I have no problem with either group decorating how they wish... Although I am a little unclear on how this isn't the government endorsing religion or atheism if its on public property.

Sarah UsedtobeZech Cone

While I do feel that government shouldn't promote or degrade any spiritual belief system (that follows the law) I also really do enjoy the lights that get put up in the park and all of the decorations, though I AM Christian. I Also understand how other belief systems/views/religions could feel left out or overwhelmed/bombarded with Christianity during the holiday season. I feel that every one's views/beliefs/religions should be respected or at least tolerated. My views don't hurt you and in turn your views though different, don't hurt me.That being said, I think we should be able to celebrate (or not) however we see fit and not be so sensitive and judgemental about it. I think it's ridiculous to argue over decorations and forms of greeting and love. I will say Merry Christmas probably just out of habit, except to my Atheist friends of course.  to people I meet at the store or in the street and say it to ,that aren't celebrating, shouldn't be offended at my "merry Christmas". saying Merry Christmas is just  MY way of spreading cheer and the loving spirit of the season....just as I wouldn't be offended by someone saying Happy Hannakah, or happy Kwanzaa.... I don't want or like to offend anyone...but ppl need to quit being such sensitive p*ssies about the holiday season.....celebrate eachothers differences and spread love regardless.Damn.

Akash... AkashaGermaine

And we pagans celebrate Yule at the same time as Christmas. I don't want to start anything, because I respect all religions even if I don't agree with them, but so many holiday traditions started well before Christmas and the birth of Christ. Christmas trees, mistletoe, and caroling just to name a few. And just an FYI, atheism is not a religion.

Jespren Jespren

The city held a lotto to put up DECORATIONS. And instead of putting up decorations for the holiday, or bowing out of the lotto so others could put up decorations, a bunch of atheists went out of their way to be jerks and spit at their neighbors. I don't know a single Christian who objects to secular holiday displays in public. Let some atheist group put up "secular Santa will bring you leather if your naughty" with a picture of a Santa winking. Or let them put up a display of holly, snowmen, and kid's sledding. I highly doubt you'll hear word one about it. Just like Jews don't object to Nativity scenes or Christians to blue and white Star of David decorations. And they should back off and let people who want to decorate for the holiday do so, and stop trying to use the holidays as 1) some sort of excuse to be personally offended that religions exist and 2) an excuse to be jerks to anyone who believes in a religion.

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