'Shocking' Video Shows Security Camera Footage of ... Kindness?!? (VIDEO)

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security cameraHow many videos did you watch of criminal behavior caught by security cameras this year? A lot, right? And that's not counting the non-criminal but still crummy behavior. We've seen enough disgruntled employees stomping on food before it's served, parents beating children, stealing, and other awful acts. I think it's time we "catch" a few people being good

This video from LoveEverybody.com is called, simply, "Shocking!" And it is -- if you think random acts of kindness are shocking. It's a mash-up of security camera footage of people hugging, picking up dropped wallets, and helping strangers. This will make you smile so long and hard.

That's the kind of "shocking" I could take every day. Okay, I guess I fibbed -- there was footage of a guy stealing. A kiss -- and I think she maybe stole one back. I just love all those moments of joy, love, heroism, compassion, and silliness. More of this, please!

That's up to us, of course. If your day were played back to you, would what you see make you smile -- or sigh? How much joy, love, heroism, compassion, and silliness would it capture -- from you and from everyone you see today? We can't behave like we're on candid camera all the time (even though, if you're in a public place & some private spaces, we pretty much are, and yes, that's kind of creepy). But seeing these other acts of kindness just reminds me of what's possible. I like knowing that this love and joy is happening -- all over the world. I want to be part of that.

Have you "caught" random acts of kindness or joy today with your own eyes yet today?


Image via LoveEverybody.com

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nonmember avatar cjsmom

makes me smile to know there are still good people out there will all the bad things we hear about every day

dirti... dirtiekittie

this was absolutely lovely!! i needed this smile today. :)

fleur... fleurdelys3110

This was so nice. It's really easy to forget that good people still exist in the world

matobe matobe

I haven't watched your clip yet, but wanted you to know that I truly appreciate this positive post!

Amanda Leigh Hlavacek

What a beautiful, uplifting post! I am sharing this!

Matt Ion

Actually a random act of plagiarism - this was originally Coke's attempt at "viral marketing"; these guys simply took the Coke logo off the end and put their own (note the guitar still does the like "Always Coca-Cola" riff at the end).


Sherri Dillon

I couldn't get video to play! Does it not play on a iPad?

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