'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Shooting Massacre Plot Uncovered by Police Just in Time


Blaec LammersPeople from Bolivar, Missouri who planned on heading to the movies this Sunday to see the final chapter in the Twilight Saga are certainly breathing a huge sigh of relief this morning, after police thankfully were tipped off about a man who was planning an Aurora, Colorado-style shooting massacre at a Breaking Dawn Part 2 screening.

Twenty-year-old Blaec Lammers was arrested and charged with first-degree assault, along with making a terrorist threat and armed criminal action -- and you'll never guess who alerted police that Blaec might be planning on pulling a Dark Knight copycat attack on unsuspecting movie goers.

Get this one -- Blaec's own mother was the one who warned them -- and it's a miracle that she trusted her instincts and turned her son in. When she realized that weapons in her son's possession were similar to the ones used by shooter James Holmes in the Aurora massacre, she called the police and said that her son, "may have intentions of shooting people at the movie."

Police questioned Lammers on Thursday, and he informed them that he had indeed bought tickets to a Sunday showing of Breaking Dawn Part 2, and that he did plan on opening fire in the theater.

And his horrific intentions didn't end there, because he also admitted that he planned on randomly shooting people at a Walmart near the movie theater, and that he would "just break the glass where the ammunition is being stored and get some more and keep shooting until police arrived," if he managed to run out of the 400 rounds of ammunition he'd purchased before they showed up.

OMG. Can you even imagine how awful it would've been if police hadn't caught him and he'd shown up at that theater tomorrow? Ever since the Aurora tragedy, many people have worried about copycat scenarios going down -- and sadly, it's really not all that surprising that Breaking Dawn Part 2 was Blaec Lammers' flick of choice as far as planning an attack goes. Considering it's probably the most highly anticipated movie release of the year, every seat in that theater will no doubt be filled for every single showing this weekend.

But thanks to a mom who trusted her gut that something was wrong, fans in Bolivar can safely watch the Twilight Saga come to a close.

Are you surprised to hear that another Aurora-style massacre was planned?


Image via Polk County Sheriff's Department

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rkkel... rkkeller13

What is wrong with people! I swear this world is going to Hell in a hand basket! Thank goodness he was stopped! Maybe theaters should install  metal detectors to protect people and make them feel safe to go to the movies. It's sad that its come to this. And this really should be an argument for peoples right to carry guns cause the criminals are going to carry a weapon whether its legal or not.

rkkel... rkkeller13

EDIT shouldn't be an argument!

Mary Cimino

I hate Twilight too but not enough to do this! This happened in my own backyard I guess we can call it because Bolivar isn't more than a 2 hour drive from my home.

MrsNe... MrsNewman

Im all for metal detecters in all doorways ... We shouldn't have to live in fear of being shoot in any public place. They just arrested a man here that was shooting at people driving down the express way. He did it for weeks before they caught him. 

lesko... lesko0324

I honestly cant believe this. Its like you cant go anywhere anymore without being shot at...its disgusting.

Elizabeth Gronewald

...This was why my manager wanted the cop to follow me into the Breaking Dawn theaters today when I was selling concessions items...well crap.

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