James Holmes' Suicide Attempt Does Not Make Him Insane

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jail cellAccused Colorado theater gunman, James Holmes, was taken to the hospital on Tuesday for a “medical condition” that left him “unable to attend” a court hearing scheduled for later this week. According to reports, Mr. Holmes was trying to harm himself in a few sort of half-assed suicide attempts. He let himself free-fall backwards off his bunk and also ran head first into the wall, both in failed attempts to “kill himself.”

Of course, we have no idea what's going on in Holmes' head, but it certainly looks like he's trying get around taking responsibility for the horrific murders he's accused of committing -- either by taking himself out or making himself appear unfit to stand trial.

Whatever the case may be, James Holmes' attorney says he cannot appear in court this week because of an “undisclosed condition.” Holmes is charged with killing 12 people and injuring at least 58 others at a theatre showing The Dark Knight. More than likely, he is getting scared now that it's time to go in front of a judge and doing whatever he can to avoid it.

I've heard nothing of remorse, and personally, I think Holmes is trying to set the stage for a not guilty by reason of insanity plea. I do think it's possible that he is insane, but he is not legally insane. By definition, the legally insane don't know the difference between right and wrong at the time they commit the crime. You can be batshit crazy now and it has no bearing. 

From everything that's been reported about Holmes' alleged crimes and the detailed plotting beforehand, it sure seems that he knew he was doing something wrong. That is why he did it by sneaking in the back door of the theater. Sounds like he prepared for it and planned every detail. He allegedly even boobie trapped his house just to hurt more people. There was thought and intention behind his actions. He can be crazy as he wants to be now, but the evidence adds up to the fact that he knew his actions in the theater that night were wrong and he just didn't care.

Holmes is acting like a scared little girl right now. He deserves whatever he has coming to him, and jumping off his bed or running into walls is not going to save him. Hey Holmes, you do the crime, you can do the time.

Do you think insanity in the traditional sense should get you off of premeditated murder charges?

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bills... billsfan1104

I love how you are a psychiatrist.

Texas... TexasGirl512

Wow! You're a psychiatris and a lawyer. Is this article pro bono?

jmama... jmama0307

I think she is right. He is not mentally ill. He knew what his intentions were. I don't believe a word that he is crazy. Sorry a person that has the brain to by the supps and literally boobie trap the house and buy the weapons and then shoot people pint blank yup you know what you are doing. There would def be signs from day 1 that he was ill. 

sofia... sofia0587

Third times a charm I hope!

tuffy... tuffymama

LOL. I was going to ask for your medical credentials, but I see Bills beat me to the zing! So many commenters and "writers" on The Stir play junior psychiatrist. It's exhausting.

I believe Holmes is a pawn, plain and simple. Did he shoot those people? I wasn't there, but all evidence points to him. WHY did he do it? WAS/IS he crazy? Was he manipulated by his ex- (or current) CIA psychiatrist who has a history of leading and conducting dangerous psychoactive drug and brainwashing experiments? If so, what was the motivation of the doc? Who was paying or leading HIM?

We will NEVER know the truth, guaranteed. Will everyone responsible for this massacre pay for their crimes? Not in my opinion.

nonmember avatar Anne

As someone who works with the mentally ill I can say from experience that often those who are mentally ill can also be very smart. Smart enough to set up an attack, smart enough to booby trap an apartment, but still not be capable of understanding what their actions will do to others. I am not an expert, but this looks like a type of schizophrenia. http://www.brown.edu/Courses/BI_278/Other/Clerkship/Didactics/Readings/Schizophrenia.pdf
I have never commented on here, but I want to say, this is mental illness. most crimes where we say "oh how could anyone do that!" usually, the person is genuinly mentally ill, even if they can function in society, not every mentally ill person is sitting in an institution. In fact, our system is very fragmented, not many long term care facilities for the mentally ill exist, at least in my state. I work in a group home where we try to teach adults with mental disorders how to function normally in society, pay bills, clean, shop ect. But ocasionally we have someone who has delusions that cause them to become violent, paranoid or otherwise dangerous. It seems very believable to me that he has a mental illness and was still able to plan and carry out these acts. mental illness does not cause or often even relate to mental disability.

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