'Anti-Cheating Hormone' Could've Helped Petraeus Before Sex Scandal Brought Him Down

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kissingI first read this story thinking they were talking about Oxycontin when they were actually talking about oxytocin. The first is a highly addictive prescription pain killer; the second is a hormone that's plays a big part in pair bonding, and high levels of it are released in our brains during sex, birth, and breastfeeding. Okey doke. Now that we've got that all cleared up ... a new study has revealed that men who were given an occasional dose of supplemental oxytocin stood, on average, 6.5 inches farther away from an attractive woman they just met over men who didn't take the hormone.

You can understand my shock and horror, having thought men were given Oxycontin, that the drug was getting a rap as the new anti-cheating drug. 

Thankfully, researchers weren't handing out one of America's most dangerous drugs in the hopes it would dope men into not cheating. They were actually giving the guys a few sniffs of the naturally occurring hormone to see what happens.

And what they found was that men in a monogamous relationship kept a safe distance from new, pretty ladies. Men who weren't in a relationship were unaffected, same with women.

So ... is oxytocin something we should all slip our guys? Ehhhh, I mean, if you have to drug the man your with so he doesn't cheat, you're probably not in the right relationship. That said, one of the researchers suggested that you could stimulate natural production of the hormone in men by, ya know, giving them some sex. Sex produces the hormone, after all. Maybe if you see him eyeing a perty lady across the room, just slip him the tongue, I guess?

While we lay people may not need to force our boyfriends and husbands to take a nasal dosage of oxytocin, I do however, feel it should be mandatory for anyone running for, or currently in office. Too many of our politics revolve around sex (I'm staring at you, Petraeus) and I'm getting kind of tired of it.

Send a round of oxytocin sprays to D.C. on me, please.

Would you use this spray if you could?


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purvi... purvislets

Too many of our political issues revolve around sex because sex sells.  The media just eats it up and so do most Americans.  If we let go of our Maury and E! cravings and focused on the real issues then maybe some real issues would get dealt with.  

Vegeta Vegeta

Not condoning cheating or anything but why are politicians being hated on for cheating? It's they're own personal business, they're adults they can bone whoever just like I can, but for whatever reason they lose their jobs and stuff when they do it. Does it effect their job performance? Then leave them alone.

PonyC... PonyChaser

yes, Vegeta, very often it DOES affect their job performance. Especially if you're the President of the United States (allegedly) getting a blow job while you're on the phone making deals with senators. Especially if you're a 4-star General who is supposed to be making decisions about our Consulate Staff being shot at by terrorists, and instead you're (allegedly) writing email porn to your honey.

Do you have any idea how compromising that is? Those women were privy to State Secrets. At the very least, that is absolute blackmail material against those men. So if they want to cheat, fine. They can do it on their own time, when they're out of public office.

jasmi... jasmine456

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