Waffle House CEO Says He's Being Blackmailed, But Accuser Has Secret Sex Tapes


Waffle HouseWhen I think of Waffle House, I think of breakfast. I don't think of sex tapes and blackmail and secret affairs. But, I guess I wasn't aiming high enough, because Waffle House seems to have so much more to offer. In what's turning into a pretty weird and vicious game of he-said/she-said, the Waffle House CEO accused of sexually harassing his housekeeper for a decade says she's crying wolf. However, he may have been caught on tape. D'oh.

Lawyers for the woman, who alleges that Waffle House CEO Joe Rogers Jr. sexually harassed her and forced her to perform sex acts to keep her job for nearly a decade, turned over DVDs she made in secret. Meanwhile, Rogers is calming that the woman tried to extort millions from him and is crying blackmail and claiming everything was consensual. Whaaaaat? Pass the maple syrup, please. Looks like things are just getting started.

When the allegations surfaced last week, it painted a pretty sleazy picture of the Waffle House exec. The woman says she kept the job (and dealt with his advances) because she was a single mother and had to take care of her son. Now that he's got a college scholarship, she could speak up. My heart went out to the woman.

Rogers is claiming she said yes all along and that she and her lawyers sent a threatening blackmail letter, which certainly complicates the picture. But ... but why would she turn over sex tapes to the courts, tapes that are being kept private for now, if they didn't support her claims? That doesn't really make sense. Why would you turn over tapes that would ruin your case against someone who, if guilty, abused his authority and his power in such a disgusting way?

You wouldn't. Would you? I'm also so curious to know what's in this letter Rogers claims he was sent that he's calling "extortion."

I know we're all innocent until proven guilty, but this story totally skeeves me out. Shudder. But I kind of can't wait to see what happens next.

Do you think the sex tapes will prove that Waffle House CEO Joe Rogers Jr. is guilty or innocent?


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dirti... dirtiekittie

originally i was outraged for this woman - how dare someone abuse their power and position in such a way! and for a single mother, who has to survive and take care of her son...

but then, i read the original article. and a little detail was omitted that i find VERY big: the woman accusing him of harassment worked for him from 2003-2008 until she was let go. she was rehired later as his house manager, but quit in June.

i'm not saying she's at fault, and we all know the economy is tough - but would YOU go back to work for a man who was blackmailing you with your job for sexual favors? why not come forward when you were let go FOUR years ago and make these allegations?

something about this just doesn't add up to me...

tuffy... tuffymama

I may be jaded because so many women who've been terminated or demoted have hollered rape falsely for monetary gain or just because they were crazy, but this story has seemed off from the beginning to me. I hope real justice is served.

prett... prettymama72106

I think something about this seems off. Also you would be surprised woth wjat people turn over if they think it will help the videos could simply show them having sex doesn't necessarily prove anything else it could just be used to show sexual acts did happen. I would like to know what the letter her lawyer sent him said I don't know what it is but something seems off and on her part I hope that she would not lie about something like that but something about it just doesn't seem right I hope justice is served if he did something wrong or against her if she's lying

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