Restaurant Owner Plans 'Obamacare Surcharge' for Customers

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dennys signFlorida restaurant owner John Metz, who owns 40+ Denny’s locations on the East Coast, intends to add a 5 percent surcharge to his customers’ bills to offset the costs of Obamacare, beginning in January 2014. And oh yeah, he is also going to cut employee hours to below 30 a week for most of his staff in order to avoid having to provide them with insurance. But shhh, he’s not telling them until next month so mum’s the word.

Apparently, these Denny’s employees aren't going to be allowed to have health insurance, and they’re also not allowed to read.

So is this how it's going to go come January -- job hours being cut and surcharges imposed on customers because businessmen are pissed about Obamacare? Wah, wah, wah! So many people with money and insurance hate Obamacare, especially those people in the medical field. I get it. You "haves" like to keep what you have, and damn Obamacare is going to come in and try and take it from you.

Oh wait, no it’s not. It’s just going to give insurance to poor people who can’t afford it because, newsflash, people with money are not the only people who get sick. People who are sick need medical care. That is the bottom line. Can’t we all just show a little human kindness and be happy that people won’t die because they can’t afford insurance? Or do some of us truly believe that if you are poor, you deserve to die?

Of course, some business owners are going to try to outsmart the system because they don’t want to be penalized or pay for insurance for employees. It will probably soon become big business to find a way to get around paying for Obamacare. I can see it now -- businesses will spend huge amounts of money NOT to spend money on Obamacare.

If businesses are going to punish their employees by taking away hours and punish their customers by adding surcharges just to avoid helping people in need of insurance, then maybe we should all punish these businesses by boycotting their product or business? I think that's a pretty darn good idea.

Do you think it’s okay for businesses to punish employees and customers because they oppose Obamacare?


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gem09... gem092011

Honestly, do you KNOW any successful business owners (or successful people in general)?? Because I do. And most of them have sacrificed a LOT to get where they are today (i.e. time with family, their own free time, their own money while the business was getting up and running so that their families went without --- all so that they could ultimately create a successful business). Who are YOU to say that they shouldn't be "rich" if they want?!? They earned it. They deserve it. And they also deserve to be able to protect their investment (blood, sweat, tears, and money) using whatever means they deem fit. It's THEIR business. Not yours. Not the Government's. If they feel that the expense of the Obamacare monstrosity jeopardizes the future success and viability of their business, they are free to modify benefits, pay, etc. as is necessary as long as it complies with the law. And guess what?? Your precious Obamacare created the 30 hour exception. So you can thank the President Obama and the Dems for that one. Sorry Annie the Waitress...your hours have just been slashed? Ooops. You had better take it up with the Prez. Ugh. This article. You people. Good Lord. We are in trouble.

Casey Dalbey

This is not the only business/restaurant with this plan. It is across the board in this country. They are taking action on their plans in early 2013 well before 2014. We are in the waiting game to see if my husband's managment position will be safe or if his boss will close his restaurant to avoid providing insurance.Hard to deal with when I feel health care is a fundamental right and not something only for the elite.

Amy Shepherd-Shuster

Wow, this article is ignorant. The author clearly know nothing about running a business and making payroll.

It's common sense...if an employer wants to stay in business, and his own government is waging war against him, he has to do what he can to survive. He needs to remain profitable and competetive.

This trend towards everyone should get everything for "free" is unsustainable. After the small businesses have been legislated out of existence, who's going to pay for all the "free' stuff?

Amy Shepherd-Shuster

Oh, and anyone who thinks these business owners are doing this for "revenge" is delusional.

Those of you who wanted Obama, you got him. These are the real life consequences. Own it.

cmjaz cmjaz

Me too realitycheck. I am a white woman who grew up on mayo and bread as a meal. My mom was a single mother and did the best she could. It was a treat to get a bagel with cream cheese. Seriously. My brother and I got absolutely NO toys unless it was birthday or christmas. I never hated the rich. I wanted to BE rich. I'm not rich but I do okay and I don't need to worry about food. Neither do my children. I've only had a few vacations from work in the past 20 years and I've never went anywhere. I can't afford it but I don't consider myself rich and I don't hate the rich for being more successful than I. Its still something I work hard to obtain though.

About the rich having enough money already comment. Who gets to decide what is enough? The poor or the wealthy? If that commentor won $4 million in tomorrows lotto, is it up to someone she doesn't know, or who gives a crap about her, to tell her that $500,000 is enough and she has to give the rest to her neighbors? That is EXACTLY what she's saying by that comment.

OKgirl OKgirl

You can't blame business owners for trying to implement policies to cover their own asses. The economy is in the hole and Obama is forcing the businesses to take on additional "benefits"/penalties for each worker. You can not be surprised that costs are going to rise and people are going to be laid off what the hell did you expect to happen? Social programs don't just appear like magic.

lulou lulou

Tomorrow I shall eat at Five Guys


SuzyB... SuzyBarno

Businesses have to do what they have to do to stay afloat. Businesses are not required to provide benefits. Everyone has to pay for their health care. It's a fact of life. Anyone have their "oh shit!" moment yet? Lol!

Estel... EstellaHavisham

This is as stupid as Murray Energy laying off employees before Florida had even released a count on election night. Publicity stunts and whinging. Like JKM89 said, I'd also have no problem paying a little extra for someone's health insurance. Better yet, I'd just continue my boycott of shitty chain restaurants because their food is terrible -- but that's a half-related aside.

I know people have their opinions, but I'd like to say this: I am an American who emigrated to England. When we first arrived here, my significant other was viciously mugged. NHS took amazing care of him. Had this happened back at home where we worked for private language schools with NO insurance, we'd have gone bankrupt with the care he needed. The NHS is a system I love and trust and it has been good to us. Britain is proud of it, as it should be, and I hope that one day Obamacare can develop into something comparable to the NHS. 

Say what you want. Follow the ideas of people like Paul Ryan like a sheep... that somehow access to healthcare is a threat to democracy. That socialized healthcare is the first step to suckling at the government's teat. That companies will go out of business. It's the saddest sack of flaming shit I've ever heard. 

bills... billsfan1104

Estella, we access to healthcare.

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