Teacher Accused of Creating Fake Son So She Could Have Sex Sleepovers With a Student

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danielle reed mugshotSexual predators are getting more inventive these days. A Jacksonville, Florida English teacher pretended to have a son so that she could have boys over for sleepovers without raising suspicion.

Police say Danielle Reed, who taught at Atlantic Coast High School, had a four-month-long relationship with a student that was between 12 and 18 years old. She had told the victim's parents she had a child named Josh and picked up the boy for a sleepover with her fake son.

Reportedly, the teacher-student pair wanted to spend the night together, but the kid knew that his mother wouldn't go for it, so he made up the friend he was supposedly planning to visit. He claims Reed was more than happy to go along with the rouse. The unbelievable lie was exposed when her alleged teen lover finally told his mom the truth.

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Reed was arrested on felony sexual battery charges and her bail was at $150,000. Despite the claims, many students still can't believe it's actually true. "She was the sweetest woman ever. I was shocked. I was appalled," student Justin Pera told News4Jax. "I don't know. I don't believe it. Well, I kind of believe it. We'll see if she's proven guilty. I will give her the benefit of the doubt though."

As expected, the principal has released a statement saying that this behavior would not be tolerated at the school. But teacher-student affairs are certainly nothing new. There have been many cases exposed in recent years and they usually involve the couple fooling around in the class after hours, in a car in a darkened parking lot, or at the teacher's home. But -- if guilty of what this boy claims -- Reed took it to another level. She looked in that mom's face, made up a ridiculous lie, and drove away with her son. It's troubling and bizarre. I just can't believe the lengths this woman went to in order to have sex with her student. Did she really think she could get away with that?

Are you surprised a person would create a fake son to get away with sleeping with a student?

Image via Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

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tuffy... tuffymama

Gross. What is wrong with these women, lusting after children??? Jeebus. Buy a smaller dildo, or something. Ugh.

nonmember avatar American Expat

FFS there is nothing wrong here! He was a teen boy, he loved it, he is not a victim. Male teens are not vulnerable and weak, we don't need protections from decently attractive adult women! Stop whining over the non-issues and fight the real gross and sick stuff, like MEN who do this to teen girls and children. That's the real crime and what we need to put an end too ASAP!

Mommy... MommyBoha

Gives me one more reason not send my kids to high school in Duval county..

truea... truealaskanmom

I am sorry American Expat, are you saying that teen boys don't deserve protection whereas teen girls do?  That is a disgusting double standard.  Adults should not have sexual relationships with minors, all teens males included have undeveloped brains and are not fully able to understand the ramifications of this type of thing.  Just because they 'enjoy' it does not make it right.  

Linda Gosselin

@MommyBoha - cause she's not a teacher there anymore.  Besides, just because there's one bad one, that doesn't mean there aren't any good ones.

that's just my thoughts...

velve... velvetheart83

OKAY.. Let's actually READ & understand the article, because our crazy ass country can't take a second before they judge & plant the "sexual predator" flag in someones forehead.  Save the torches for worse crimes, seriously....

1.) Yeah, the mom should be upset but it wasn't a kidnapping. Yett he was a willing participant for 4 months.

2.) She was 23, not exactly old. Let's get realistic with the age gap. 

3.) The article vaguely states he was 12-18 .So he COULD be(18) or able to consent by law (16). 

4.) It was a High School, which is home to students Grades 10-11-12. If you do the math, realistically he is actually 16-18 based on the fact that most high schools start at grade 10.

5.) It seems as if no one was harmed, except the student who confided in his mother enough to call it his "relationship" only for her to turn around & call the cops.

6.) So at a minimum age of 16(age of consent) to a max of 18(adult) the gap is from 5-7 years, the average is 5 years for the majority of couples.


velve... velvetheart83


So, I think this was blown out of proportion, the mom flipped out & dialled 911 before talking to her son calmly. He went along with it, probably helped with the "fake kid to spent the night" thing so he could do his teacher  for 4 months. Teens have sex & most have no idea the age is under law until too late. But I still see no harm, except for the mother who probably made sure her son will never confide anything in her again. 

Helena A. Woolley-Killins

It has everything to do w/ the gap in age.. he being a freaking MINOR! Get you head out of your butt! She is a position of POWER, he is a STUDENT!!!! Even if they were a professor and a college STUDENT you just don't go there! Let's face it BOYS do not even mature mentally until way later then girls. She SHOULD be in Jail! And if he is 18, what makes you think next time he wont be 17 then maybe 16 then maybe your 11 year old!?!!


nonmember avatar Christina

Mommyboha that isn't why you don't want to send your kid to a Duval county school? Because it only happens there and surely can't happen in clay or st johns right? Wrong. It happened in clay a few years back but the teacher wasn't fired they were transfered to a Duval county school.

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