Teen Impersonates Doctor in a Real Hospital for Weeks & No One Notices

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Matthew ScheidtWhen Matthew Scheidt went to get a badge for his job as a clerk at a doctor's office and ended up with credentials for a physician's assistant, the 17-year-old had a choice. He could 'fess up or impersonate a health care worker. Unfortunately for the patients at a Florida hospital, the teen chose the path that's sending him to jail for a year

As if there weren't enough reasons to hate hospitals? Now we have teenagers masquerading as physician's assistants running around? And no one notices?

Scheidt apparently fancies himself quite the actor. Cops say they also caught him impersonating a police officer (that case still has to go through the courts). A year in jail and eight years probation sound about right for this guy. He sounds like a real threat to society.

But can we talk about the hospital for a second?

While he impersonated a physician's assistant, the teenager apparently was changing bandages, handling IVs, and conducting exams. For weeks!

He even did CPR on an overdose patient. These are all things that should have shown his co-workers how inept he was, and all could have put people's lives in serious danger. And no one stepped in over several weeks of this?

I would like to think that when I go into a hospital, everyone there cares about patient care. That means not only do they try their best to be good at their own jobs, but they are also highly aware of what their co-workers are doing.

It's the one place I'm completely cool with tattling on your co-worker. We aren't talking about too many personal calls on the company's dime here. We're talking about lives at stake!

I blame Matthew for making the wrong decision. But we need to address the fact that he shouldn't have been able to make it.

What do you think should be done to the hospital? Should they be sanctioned as well?


Image via Osceola County Sheriff's Office



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Jennifer Abare

Maybe if he knows how to do this medical stuff he should have just gone back to college after graduation and got a certificate or degree.he must know something.he probably is a smart boy but went about it the wrong way!too bad he could have used this potential for the future!

nonmember avatar leslie

I can't believe the comments I'm reading sounds like you are justifying his actions. Inept or not he shouldn't have done it. Hospital gave him wrong badge? Fire some HR clerks. Yes hospital staff should have noticed. He has a history of impersonation crimes jail works for me.

Rick de Luna

The Hospital is totally responsible, when an incident like this goes for more than one hour, it becomes a serious security issue, I'm glad he didn't perform open heart surgery or brain surgery, this hospital would face criminal charges as well.

Michelle Froh

A Physician's Assistant is not a "doctor".

Bobby Jones

yes i think the people where he was working sould face something he suould be put in jail for years for puting people in danger

Martha Robinson

they need to put better security at the hostile for patients and workers safety

looki... looking4mychild

My only concern is the security...this is how babies get stolen...

Darsh... DarshelleJ

The hospital should be sanctioned if they knew what the child was doing and allowed him to do so knowing that he was unlicensed personnel.

Sarah Williams Kohl

Can we get an update on the overdose patient? Did they survive? Just wondering. Im thinking they probably did since he's not charged with murder...

nonmember avatar Brittany daughe

I think its hilarious this kid could have hurt people but he didn't.. I would have to say its the hospitals fault. He does deserve to get punished but I think a year in jail and 8 yrs probation is a little outrageous maybe a yr probation and a few months jail and maybe no work in hospitals LOL .. The hospital should be the ones in trouble

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