Husband Catches Teacher Wife Having Sex With Foreign Exchange Student

That's Criminal 35

classroomA teacher at Community Christian Academy, Amie Neely, has been accused of felony sexual assault with the teen-aged foreign exchange student whom she and her husband were hosting. And if that's not bad enough, her husband actually found the 38-year-old teacher in the act of having sex with the 16-year-old by using the GPS capability on her cellphone.

The boy reportedly told cops he drove Neely to an area near a local high school and parked. Then the two got in the back seat and began having sex when her husband showed up.

Neely is blaming it all on a midlife crisis and on the fact that the boy allegedly kept begging her for sex. Apparently, she has the mental capacity of a high schooler and thinks we were all born yesterday if she wants us to believe that a teenager wore her down. She is a grown woman, plenty capable of making her own decisions. The boy even said this wasn't the first time the couple had sex and they had even had sex in the Neelys' bed in their home.

Basically, we have yet another female teacher who has engaged in sex with an underage student. Teacher and student sex is the absolute worst violation of trust. Worse still, not only was this boy her student, but he was also living under the care of her and her husband. How do you think his parents back home must feel knowing this teacher they entrusted their son to took such extreme advantage of him?

This woman has betrayed her husband and taken advantage of a minor in her care. In my opinion, she definitely deserves to spend time in jail.

Do you think this teacher deserves jail time?

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sofia... sofia0587

Ew sick bitch that's all I have to say

nonmember avatar American Expat

I don't see the problem, besides the adultery. It's just a teen boy and adult woman! It's not like it was a 38yo man and a 16yo teen, which of course is sick and wrong.
Aside from her cheating on her husband, this is just two sexual people mutually pleasuring each other.

Karla C. Mulrenan

Disgusting! Wtf is wrong with her!?!?!?

jalaz77 jalaz77

Wow American Expact...I am sorry that you feel it's OK for this 38y/o woman and a 16y/o boy to be pleasuring each other...very ignorant of you and feel bad for your children when you think this is ok. It's not. Doesn't matter if the sexes were reversed, old man vs young girl which is EQUALLY wrong.

I do have to say though, this boy wasn't a victim. Give me a break he is 16 and knows better but this woman should of turned down his advances and found him a new home or ship him back home cause he obviously isn't capable of being a decent foreign exchange student. The American kids I knew that were foreign exchange students were very mature, smart and there to learn a different culture. Not get laid. Yes jail time would be good for her. Not a sex offender cause he was very willing.

nonmember avatar kelley

ok im confused American E, how is a 38yo man different from 38yo woman having sex with a 16yo?? either way its still a MINOR!! such a disgusting crime & scarey to have to worry about this on top of everything else parents r challenged with these days. regardless if the minor is consenting, the law says they cannot make that decision before 18yo so its pretty black & white. i also think that bc teachers r responsible for so much concerning the molding of our youth there shld b a higher charge & sentence for this crime.

Desig... Designmama

@jalaz what an ignorant thing to say. Oh yes American children are so innocent. When I travelled throughout Europe American students and backpackers there had a reputation for being huge sluts who were disrespectful and obnoxious. I met several Americans who told me they pretended to be Canadian because people hate Americans so much abroad and they have such a bad reputation.

While this woman should no longer be a teacher I don't think she should be sent to jail. As if the boy is innocent, I'm sure this was the highlight of his life, he's no victim. Most teens are sexually active at that age anywase, it's not unnatural. It's a touchy subject because if it had been her who co-erced him into sex it would be a different story.

linzemae linzemae

16 year old any begging for sex? Sounds like every single 16 year old boy!

Jenna... Jennasmom08

Why is a 16 yo boy and 38 yo woman okay, but a 16 yo old girl and 38 yo man sick and wrong?!?!?

Not saying I am okay with it either way...just confused on why  American Expat feels this way

CAP1015 CAP1015

I think American Expat was being sarcastic.

Danielle Grijalva

Abuse of foreign exchange students is rampant, to include when our American teens travel abroad. This is a situation involving an adult allegedly taking advantage of a minor. Often innocent victims are delivered to the doorstep of the predator courtesy of many among the student exchange industry. Visit and read, 'Headlines of Abuse.' Notice that the name of the student's placement agency has been omitted from this article? Just the way they like it as they cannot tolerate negative media attention.

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