Woman Killed by Ex-Boyfriend in Walmart Parking Lot Was a Preventable Tragedy

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charles finketsherOn Saturday, Michelle Hahn, 46, was murdered while loading her car with groceries in a Walmart parking lot. The Louisville, Kentucky resident was allegedly shot dead by ex-boyfriend Charles Fickentsher, the man she'd dated for three months, then dumped about a month ago. Fickentsher took off after the shooting and drove three miles to a nearby park, where he then shot and killed himself. Michelle's husband died three years ago of cancer, and they had two sons together.

I hope that there are some loving grandparents or family members who can take her boys in, and as for Charles Fickentsher, well, I hope he rots in hell. This guy had a history of domestic violence, and yet he was free, on the loose, to date and eventually kill his alleged final victim. Just listen to this guy's rap sheet.

A slew of charges from stalking to menacing to violating Emergency Protective Orders have been placed against Fickentsher from 1995 to 2004. In all, The Huffington Post reports that he's been charged with stalking 10 times over the last 20 years.

Most recently in 2004, his then girlfriend had a domestic violence order against him and had to call the police when he followed her and a friend into another Walmart in Kentucky.

To say this guy has a pattern of illegal behavior toward women is an understatement. It's just shocking that someone with this kind of history hasn't served any time in jail (that I could find evidence of) nor wasn't under any sort of probation (again, that I could find). Wasn't it only a matter of time before he killed someone?

Each person has a responsibility to know who they're dating, but our justice system also has a responsibility to hold criminals accountable. Perhaps had Fickentsher been taught a lesson back when he was just a young buck 20-something engaging in domestic violence, things would've turned out differently for Michelle. Instead, he was able to routinely harass, menace, and stalk women until he finally pulled the trigger.

Just horrible.

What do you think?


Photo via Kentucky Court System



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nonmember avatar Lilac

What do I think? I think women should take two minutes to Google the name of someone who asks them out on a date. His rap sheet is public and would have come right up.

tuffy... tuffymama

I agree, Lilac. I'm also totally aware of my surroundings in a parking lot and I'm carrying. I wish she could have shot him before he shot her. I HATE HATE HATE that maddeningly unjust things like this happen. I wish I could turn back time and stop it. Her poor family! I also hope this dick roasts in hell.

nonmember avatar April

It makes me sick to my stomache...My sister was a victim od Domestic Violence and she was murdered by her husband 4 years ago...I lost it when I found out...Then he was coming to murder me but luckly for me the cops got him before he could and I put him away for 25 yrs to life...I hope he rots in hell also...it really makes me sad that he got away with all the violence he did to other women..I too was a victim of DV but I got out before anything could happen...For him killing himself I hope it was cuz he felt bad but I know it was so he didn't go to prison. And I agree with the other girl and google there name before it goes to far!!!

Fayron Chapman

On November 11th, Heaven gained a new angel-our beloved Michelle Hahn. The friends and family would like to unite and help provide something extra for her children. No amount is too small. Please make the grieving process a little less painful by donating to this cause. Words can not express the hurt we are feeling, but hopefully together we can ease each other's pain. Thank you very much! https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/1O6o0

curio... curious1145

A potential date could give a false name,even more likely if they have a record. Then Googling wouldn't help. We always like to try and make ourselves feel better thinking of ways these types of tragedies could be prevented,but the sad truth is they can't always be. And Googling a "fake name" will give someone a false sense of security. And even if their real name has no record, other possibilities are they weren't caught yet,or you could be the first victim.

Alexis Hall

We have to have stricter laws regarding domestic violence. The longer a sociopath gets away with his horrific behavior towards women, the more dangerous he becomes. I wanted to make sure he received some kind of consequences for what he had done to me, and the silence of countless other women he had hurt in his past. I pressed charges against him,and he was brought to trial.I almost lost my life to this monster. He served 5 years in prison for what he did to me, and I relocated to another city, and I changed my identity. I wish I did look him up before I got involved with him. However, his criminal record didn't include domestic violence, because, none of his victims would press charges against him, so, this was not in his record. Now, it is. I do understand why women don't press charges. I was so scared of him that I was numb. And then I got strong!I do think there is more information out now about physical and verbal abuse,and safety of the women who do press charges. there have have been so many deaths of battered women, that society is finally starting to wake up to this. We need more education in our schools as well, and more consequences have to be put into effect with bullies. The young bullies of today, are the future abusers of tomorrow. I am a voice who will never be quiet. I am the voice for my ''sisters''who did not get out in time. Stop blaming the victim, and blame the abuser.

nonmember avatar Christie

Googling does not always work. That only works if the crime made it into the news somewhere, and then still only works if it's a very unique name. If they have a name like Dave Johnson there's no way you would find their record by googling it. Just because something is public record does not mean you can find it on google. Most counties have judiciary searches, so if you know what area the guy is from you can find that search page and type in their full name most of the time you can tell from the address of the person named on the case, or the birthdate, if you have the right person.

To those of you who lost someone this way it's tragic and I am so very sorry for your loss. I think that the violent offenders and child molesters should be the ones locked up to the maximum the law allows for their crime with the option for the judge to keep them locked up if they are not confident with the jail psychologists that the offender is not well into rehabilitation before then, I would much rather the drug offenders (yes even the dealers) be out on probation then the violent offenders and child molesters.

nonmember avatar MamaB

Such a sad story... What is also sad is its so common... Our system really needs to get things together! I have personally been through the stalking of an ex, the endless threats and the constant worrying and after years the DA still wouldn't charge him with anything! I did everything right I stood my ground, I got a restraining order and I made sure all 20 something times my order was broken the cops were called to make a report, and still the court does nothing.... NO ONE should have to live like this

nonmember avatar BJ

Please read "THE GIFT OF FEAR" by GAVIN DE BECKER. As previous posters have said, Google won't always work and the false sense of safety could be deadly. However, there ARE signs. These types of men have certain characteristics... things they can't hide no matter how they try. We usually ignore these signs. As women, we are almost taught to ignore the signs. No we shouldn't blame the victims... BUT WE CAN CHOOSE TO NOT BECOME VICTIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That book WILL help you know the signs.

The real problem, as I see it, is with society. We don't teach girls to be rational when it comes to love, we don't teach boys to respect women(I said RESPECT, not bow to her selfishness), we don't teach girls to respect themselves, we don't teach girls (or show with our family life) how they deserve to be treated, we don't teach anyone (or allow anyone) to stand up for themselves, and we as a society... put up with people who act like this. These men are bullies and, unfortunately, violence is the only language they understand. If they knew that the women's family would beat them to a pulp, their survival instinct would make them think twice about hurting her.

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