Bus Driver Beats Up ‘Disrespectful’ Teen & It’s All Caught on Camera (VIDEO)

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bus driverA female bus driver went berserk, beating down a sassy high school passenger for being "disrespectful." It's not clear exactly what the student said that set off the city worker, but the entire brutal brawl was caught on camera.

The women are literally throwing each other up the narrow aisle and over the seats as other patrons tried to squeeze out of their way. It is one of the most shocking public fights I've ever seen.

From the video, it appears as though the driver threw the first blow, but the teen gave as good as she got. They were both clawing, slapping, and pulling on each other like feral cats. It was crazy that this all went down on public transportation. The bus driving basher has reportedly been on the job since 2003, so I am sure a lot of passengers have worked her last nerve before. Shouldn't she have thicker skin by now?

The other passengers were clearly shocked (aside from the one who continued whatever game that was on her Game Boy as the fists flew over her head). Toward the end of the skirmish, a man could be heard pleading, "Are you going to let that little girl go, lady?" Oddly enough, this is the second wild bus fight that has popped up in the last month. In October, another driver punches the living daylights out of a woman who was arguing with him. Totally nuts!

A rep for Baltimore's MTA says the employee in this latest bus brawl has been placed on leave while they investigate the incident. With her job possibly on the line, I wonder if she is regretting her reaction now. Couldn't she just have kicked the smart-mouthed teen off the bus instead of beating the crap out of her? I certainly understand how maddeningly rude kids can be, but that is no justification for smacking them around. Her bad judgement warrants a temporary suspension -- whether that kid was rude or not.

Watch the brutal bus brawl:

Do you think the driver should have been suspended?

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hello... hello_kitty25

im sorry, what was she supposed to be respecting? she shouldnt have a job. who teaches kids to push people around at work? kids that arent even theirs at that

maidn maidn

@ Rothann : that is exactly what I was wondering.. 


Elizabeth E. Fulmer

There is no reason for anybody to put their hands on a child.She should be fired. But that don't make that teen right either she should have ask her to get off  her bus and that would've been the end of that.Yeah we probably all would like to slap some sense in disrespectful children but that not the way to handle them.I believe the teen shouldn'tbe allowed back onthe buses.

nonmember avatar jennifer

Heck this tern deserves it! Those kids nowadays have no respect whatsoever! Those comments States above about will kick that butt if anyone lay their hands on oneself 's kids sure does have no respect themselves so its the PARENT 'S FAULT NOT RASING/TEACHING THIER KIDS RIGHT!

Midni... Midnite00

so if this was your teen you would be ok with it? If this was an adult the driver would be charged with assault.. suspended yes. arrested yes... plus her parents might say something to that effect... 

chech... chechimansmama

Regardless of what you teach your teens, teens are teens. They are all know it alls, but still, no one aside from me or my husband can lay a hand on my child. If I were to man handle my child, because teen is still a child by law, I'd be in jail for child abuse and losing my kid. So for YOU @jennifer to say I have no respect for myself because I'd go and whoop that bus drivers ass, you've got to be kidding. Had a complete stranger done that to Ur child u wouldn't say my teen probably deserved it thank u for teaching her some manners because I surely dont. Of course every parent teaches their kids to be respectful but they don't always act as they do in the streets than when they are home. How did u act when u were a teen?

marci... marcie1455

These are very stressful times in ife.  People snap sometimes and totally lose it, because you never know who your dealing with or what the heck they are going through.    I can't imagine being a bus driver and dealing with some of the the disrespect.  This is the second bus driver in the news to fight a passenger. Fight attendents, aviation jobs and other service jobs dealing with the public are not easy.  People in general should learn to be more respectful to one another. 

marci... marcie1455

The next time a bus driver asks someone to turn their music down....they just might do it without arguement!

Gary Lloyd

Anybody else for integration?

Gary Lloyd

Seriously, that was assualt on a minor pure and simple and the adult should be sitting in jail right now. 

The bus driver is obviously a lesbian and I suspect the cute teenager's only crime was rebuffing her advances.

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