Bus Driver Beats Up ‘Disrespectful’ Teen & It’s All Caught on Camera (VIDEO)

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bus driverA female bus driver went berserk, beating down a sassy high school passenger for being "disrespectful." It's not clear exactly what the student said that set off the city worker, but the entire brutal brawl was caught on camera.

The women are literally throwing each other up the narrow aisle and over the seats as other patrons tried to squeeze out of their way. It is one of the most shocking public fights I've ever seen.

From the video, it appears as though the driver threw the first blow, but the teen gave as good as she got. They were both clawing, slapping, and pulling on each other like feral cats. It was crazy that this all went down on public transportation. The bus driving basher has reportedly been on the job since 2003, so I am sure a lot of passengers have worked her last nerve before. Shouldn't she have thicker skin by now?

The other passengers were clearly shocked (aside from the one who continued whatever game that was on her Game Boy as the fists flew over her head). Toward the end of the skirmish, a man could be heard pleading, "Are you going to let that little girl go, lady?" Oddly enough, this is the second wild bus fight that has popped up in the last month. In October, another driver punches the living daylights out of a woman who was arguing with him. Totally nuts!

A rep for Baltimore's MTA says the employee in this latest bus brawl has been placed on leave while they investigate the incident. With her job possibly on the line, I wonder if she is regretting her reaction now. Couldn't she just have kicked the smart-mouthed teen off the bus instead of beating the crap out of her? I certainly understand how maddeningly rude kids can be, but that is no justification for smacking them around. Her bad judgement warrants a temporary suspension -- whether that kid was rude or not.

Watch the brutal bus brawl:

Do you think the driver should have been suspended?

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Megan Lee

The fight apparently started because the teen was "listening to her music too loud".

Ang9403 Ang9403

Teens need to be smacked around a little bit. 

chech... chechimansmama

Hell no.. if that was my teen, I would go and beat that driver's ass.. no way in Hell would I allow someone to smack my kid around. Even if that ten was being disrespectful, she shoulda just kicked her out and that woulda been that. She probably has bad ass kids of her own that she doesn't even do that too.

Gabri... Gabrielle1982

Kid did probably deserved it.  They don't have enough respect today.  My dad always told me and my friends if you keep acting like that, someone's going to make you pay for it.  That was enough to keep MY mouth shut, not my friends who did eventually get the crap beat out of them.  You want respect you have to give it.  The bus driver should be punished because she broke the rules but I hope the kid learned a lesson, too.


the4m... the4mutts

While I am abig advocate of knockinga disrespectful teen down a notch or 2, if anyone other than me, or my kids' dad ever laid a hand on my kid, I would be laying my hands on them! I don't even allow grandparents to spank or swat my kids, because I am their mother, and I will decide if they need that kind of dicipline. That driver should be in jail.

Z-Marilyn Thompson

I think she should have just put her off the bus she had no rite putting her hand on that child!!!!


Natasha Boykins

I would thank the bus driver for smacking my kids up if they needed and she must have needed it because after the bus driver let go of her she still was talking more crap thats what these kids need today :) love it

maidn maidn

I really want to know what led up to this, the driver may have been over the line but she did seem in control of her emotions, she wasn't swearing, nor did she ever outright hit the girl. In general she was restraining the girl while attempting to move her back fom other kids. I have seen and done the same thing with an unruly teen. Restraining someone the same size as you always looks much worse than it really is.. 

Sandy Leger Dehn

Way to many teens are disrespectful today, and the parents ARE to blame, the bus driver shouldn't of went off on her like that, but I am a person that taught my children better than to talk back, tease, steal or lie. The teen whatever happened should be taught a lesson, but not like that. They get away with way to much these days.

Rothann Lynn Orender

I'm wondering if she had already asked the girl to get off the bus and she wouldnt.

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