Alleged 'Killer Nanny' First Degree Murder Charge May Mean Life in Prison for Yoselyn Ortega

Krim family murdersThe Krim family murders of 6-year-old Lucia and 2-year-old Leo may finally get some resolution. Three weeks after those poor babies were found stabbed in the bathtub of their Upper West Side Manhattan apartment, their nanny Yoselyn Ortega has finally been indicted for the crime. She was charged with first degree murder, a shocking charge that carries with it life in prison if convicted.

We all want to know what happened in that apartment. We all want to know why someone would hurt such beautiful children and we are grasping at anything that makes "sense." She was jealous of the Krims! The mother did it to get back at her husband for an affair! The father's company wrote an article that made people angry and someone tried to get back at him by killing his kids!

They are all sensational, tabloid-esque headlines for a horrific crime that haunts most parents' worst nightmares. And they are all trying to explain the unexplainable.

If Ortega is found guilty, she can give 1,000 reasons why she did what she did, and even then, it won't make sense. Stabbing a 2-year-old in the neck (as she is accused of doing) will never make sense. No matter what the reason.

If she wanted more money, if she was jealous of Marina Krim, if she was having an affair. Not one of these things can explain murdering two children in cold blood. Nothing could. Even if she were innocent.

These two children -- healthy, happy, and thriving -- are now dead. Gone. Vanished from this Earth. There is no "reason" for that. Nothing can make sense of the utterly senseless.

Ortega has been indicted and a trial will commence at some point. She may or may not be found guilty. But no outcome will bring those kids back. Nothing will make this make sense.

It is so wrong, we need a new word for wrong. My heart, again, goes out to the Krim family. This is just unimaginable.

Do you ever think this could "make sense"?


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Tendr... TendrelovinMaMa

Never the murder of children is never in the realm of logic, Well at least not for me. This story still gets to me especially having a 2 yr old boy my self. An life in prison is nothing I think its only like 20yrs. Should she get consecutive life sentence or death. Pure evil.

pupuk... pupukeawahine

Why is being charged with first degree murder considered a "shocking charge?"  What else should someone be charged with who killed two innocent children in cold blood?  Does NY have the death penalty?  I sure hope so.

kelti... kelticmom

How is this a "shocking charge"? She brutally stabbed two defenseless children to death.

Jennifer Just

hopefully she meant that that crazy whackadoo is only going to get life as a maximum sentence, instead of what she really deserves.

pupuk... pupukeawahine

You're right, Jennifer, I think there's something called 'Capitol Murder,' which means the death penalty if convicted.  Maybe this is what the writer means by shocking.  If that's the case, then it is indeed shocking.  Ortego deserves nothing less than execution.  I'm sure she'd be publicly hanged in ther country for the same crime.


It's shocking because N.Y.only uses 1st degree if it's a police officer or someone in that realm. Generally murderers are charged only with 2nd degree.And unfortunately N.Y. Got rid of their death penalty some time ago.

Susie Quarve

The question posed in your article is thoughtless and ridiculous. No it does not "make sense"- it could never. The nanny deserves to be punished-- but you are dumbing down the case. Why don't you ask yourself why the Krims can afford $10,000 a month apt with Mrs. Krim not even having to work, yet they have a nanny who can't even afford an apt in the outer burroughs? Ask yourself if the Krim's treated Ortega "like family" why didn't they notice her becoming withdrawn and losing weight under the pressures of poverty and mental illness? What was Mrs. Krim busy doing? Blogging? No, none of this justifies the horrific crime, but they are valid questions that deserve to be asked- unlike the questions you ask.

pupuk... pupukeawahine

I'm sorry, SusieQ--why doesn't nanny Ortega go back to where she came from?  Because it was way worse.  All your "rich people" (a relative term) in this country are here because their people came from somewhere else with very little.  I guess if they didn't like their immigrant status, they could have either gone back to the countries they were so desperate to leave, or murdered their employer's children.  Except that didn't happen because most people get it, saw the opportunity here, and most of them didn't want to be publicly hanged.  Mrs. Krim was Ms. Ortega's EMPLOYER, not her nanny.  She owed her nothing more than a paycheck.  That she got more (and she did, more than most nannys) was icing on the cake, and probably emboldened her to think she was entitled to even more, and that it was OK to throw a psychotic tantrum and murder innocent children.

Susie Quarve

Hmm pupu let me guess- YOU are not an immigrant. You are probably someone throws around the term in a completely abstract form because you and probably your parents aren't from the 3rd world or even immigrants and probably don't have any idea what people go through to make it in the US when moving from a foreign country. I am quite aware that Ortega's response to her situation is not RATIONAL or JUSTIFIED- so your thoughts are a bit pointless. And yes Mrs. Krim is Ms. Ortega's employer- so she has a responsiblity to make sure that she is paying her a LIVING WAGE. And Mrs. Krim HAD the disposable income to do so- that's what I find so alarming.  It's not like Mrs. Krim was struggling herself. Also Mrs. Krim is a MOTHER so she has a responsibilty to pay attention to her help- if her nanny is losing weight, emotionally unstable and homeless- why didn't she notice? She supposedly treats her nanny "like family" and Ortega's neighbors friends and family noticed! These are Mrs. Krim's most PRIZED POSSESSIONS she is leaving in Ortega's care. It's not like she was too busy at work to pay attention.

pupuk... pupukeawahine

She did pay her a living wage, and I've been on the other end trying to make it in a foriegn country where white people and Americans, in particular were despised by much of the population.  I wouldn't call living with relatives "homeless."  I've done it, as many other people in this country have.  It is so easy in retrospect to blame the victim, and Mrs. Krim is the victim, keep that firmly in mind.  Thank goodness we have a legal system in this country that understands that.

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