Young Girl Reportedly Dragged Away by Hair But Cops Have No Leads

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Police sketch
Sketch of missing girl and attacker suspect
How many times have you heard the saying "If you see something, say something"? Call the police? That's exactly what witnesses did after they saw a missing girl dragged by her hair from a recreation center and assaulted in Los Angeles on Tuesday. But what's happened since is perhaps more disturbing than their reports.

Police immediately responded to the reports of an alleged kidnapping. They found leggings and sneakers that appeared to belong to a young girl, and used witness accounts to create sketches of both the kidnap victim and her attacker.

All of that is chilling as it is. Think about a girl being attacked and taken from a public place, and tell me that doesn't make you uneasy. It's unsettling for me as a parent and as a woman who is on the smaller side. This was 8 p.m. at a recreation center, not 1 p.m. in a darkened alley.

I can't help but ask how people saw this happen and didn't stop it, how this girl just up and disappeared. But we don't know who the witnesses were, if they were young too, if they were scared of what would happen to them, or if the attacker threatened to hurt the girl worse if they intervened.

What troubles me more is what has stymied police. No one has reported their daughter missing. No one has even reported an assault.

No one?

After all that? What kind of family is this girl coming from? Does she even have a family or are we talking about some young girl forced into prostitution? Perhaps I watch too much Law and Order, but my mind has been reeling with the possibilities, and none of them are good.

We have a girl who was clearly assaulted at best, kidnapped at worst. And no one cares enough to get her some help?

I wondered if it was just a wild goose chase, but police say the witness accounts hold, and they're sure that a girl likely around 13 to 15 years old was dragged out of that recreation area, that she was most certainly smacked in the face, and had some of her clothes torn away. At the very least, that's an assault charge?

I can't help but draw the worst conclusions here. This girl is in need of help, not just in getting away from her attacker, but in getting away from a situation that would disregard an attack like this.

Sadly, police have called off the search because you can't help someone who hasn't really asked for your help ...

What do you make of a family that doesn't call this in?


Image via Los Angeles Police Department

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dirti... dirtiekittie

there's so little to go on, that i would hate to judge a family for something they may not even know about. what if she was a runaway from somewhere else, not local? maybe the family put out a missing persons report two towns over? maybe the girl is abused by a boyfriend and hides it from her mom out of fear/shame? (i hope this is not the case, but i still wouldn't judge the family for that.)

this is such a vague and incomplete story. i can only say that i hope that the girl is ok and everything works out.

Autum... Autumnjean26

Could it be that this was perhaps a family member? Maybe the girl ran away and her abusive father or stepfather chased her down and assaulted her and dragged her home.

nonmember avatar Kelly D

If no one has reported her missing , I would be under the assumption that it is a family member who treats this child in an abusive way.

She probably wasn't supposed to be there or ran off after argument and he found her and dragged her back to hell.

First thing I thought when I saw the pictures is that they look alike. Look at the chin and jaw line, very similar.

nonmember avatar blue82

After reading this first thought was an abusive boyfriend dragged her out slapped her and took her home. She didn't obey his rules or whatever the case maybe. She not reporting becuz its not the first time and she LOVES HIM. Just a thought this story just reminded me of too many sad situation similar to this. Whatever it may be I hope she gets help and they find this self-centered jerk

Blues... Blueshark77

I find it disturbing that no one tried to help her. Witnesses watched him dragging her away and removing her clothing, but just watched?! My boyfriend and I were just stunned that no one tried to help her. I kind of suspect her family might be illegal immigrants who don't want to call the police, but there are also families who just don't keep tabs on members and won't realize for a few days that someone is missing.

xoxoD... xoxoDanicaxoxo

My first thought especially after seeing the sketches, is that the two are related.

Danelle Price

It sound like it could be a family member recreation center's are mostly for troubled kids that have family issues and need a place to feel safe at.

nonmember avatar Kayla

My question is she was taken from a rec center then the center should have a staff and someone should know her name. Show the sketches around schools see if they can find out who she is and go from there but to turn up nothing just doesn't seem right.

Jeanina Marie Owens

she may be a run away and shes already considered a missing person, i love how people just start blaming parents for everything!!

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